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Ammo specifically for 3D printed guns


As 3-D printed guns have evolved over the past 18 months from a science-fictional experiment into a subculture, theyíve faced a fundamental limitation: Cheap plastic isnít the best material to contain an explosive blast. Now an amateur gunsmith has instead found a way to transfer that stress to a component thatís actually made of metalóthe ammunition.

From Mikes Custom Weapons.

7 Responses to “Ammo specifically for 3D printed guns”

  1. Mr. Chubbins Says:

    Que ATF classifying each round as a gun, in 3,2,1….

  2. Mad Rocket Scientist Says:

    Seems to me the two big hurdles to making guns are rifled barrels, and making ammunition. The rest all seems trivial.

    With ammo, the big hurdle seems to be making the cases & the primer. I wonder if anyone has ever tried a piezoelectric primer, instead of a chemical one?

  3. guy Says:

    “I wonder if anyone has ever tried a piezoelectric primer, instead of a chemical one?”

    Etronix: Electrical if not piezo

  4. Bill Twist Says:

    Of course, you could go the other way: Use lower-powered black powder substitutes (which can be purchased in pellet form) and big, large diameter bullets. That would reduce the stress on the barrel enough to make it viable, and it reduces the amount of metal used. In fact, nothing says the projectile itself has to be made of metal.

  5. lucusloc Says:

    everything old is new again.

  6. CaptDMO Says:

    Slap an EMT/GMAW nozzle on a CNC “platform”.
    What’s the problem here?

  7. grendel Says:

    I heard you like barrels, so I put a barrel on your cartridge so you can shoot while you shoot.

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