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Obama’s ATF wants people to list their race on 4473s.

13 Responses to “Racists”

  1. Chris L. Says:

    For over the last 40 years, whether it was a form for the schools, for employment, credit or the U.S. census, I have always written in “American” under the other option.

  2. keads Says:

    We already do. Question 10.

  3. Professor X Says:

    The Census Bureau can’t even figure out how to record race. Maybe they’ll learn something from the AFT.

  4. Michael Says:

    How is this new?

  5. MAJMike Says:

    From now on, I’ll mark “Native American”. I was born here.

  6. Toastrider Says:

    Makes me want to troll next time I buy a gun. Fill in something like ‘Xandarian’, ‘Martian’, or ‘Transformer’.

  7. one-eyed Jack Says:

    I wonder what Obama would check off. Jack.

  8. mikee Says:

    I want to know how to include the family story that my mother’s great-grandma was a Gypsy, back in the old country. Otherwise I’m just another boring Scotch Irish Dutch Slovak white guy, like millions of other US citizens. We Gypsy-Americans demand recognition!

  9. Lyle Says:

    Authoritarians LOVE to keep lists of people. It makes them feel important. People like that are extremely dangerous.

  10. Geodkyt Says:

    I *thought* the form had changed again when they demanded I select an ethnic group IN ADDITION to a race. (I’ll note, if I recall correctly, the only “ethnic group” choices were Hispanic or not Hispanic. . . )

  11. Kristophr Says:

    The race question is about finding you later. Same reason they want your height, weight, and eye color.

    Although gigging them for racism is amusing.

  12. IllTemperedCur Says:

    Considering that the NICS info isn’t supposed to be saved in the computer once the background check is complete, it’s nonsensical to add the racial info. UNLESS you expect to change the law/regs soon so that you can keep the info.

  13. Kristophr Says:


    The NICS check needs race because race is one of the identifiers for felons in the NICS database.

    Joe Bertram Blow, a caucasian born in Townsville USA in 1960 is a felon. All persons with similar information get a hold while their SS number is checked.

    Joe B. Blow, a black man born in Townsville in 1960, gets his gun immediately.