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NFL as culture war

I used to watch NFL football. Then, after tale after tale of players getting arrested and it became the National Felon League, I sorta stopped and half-assed paid attention to it. I mean, I’d watch the Denver Mannings (previously the Indianapolis Mannings) but otherwise, I only watched it if it happened to be on where I was. Then, that lickspittle clown Bob Costas decided that football was where we should discuss gun control. And other things:

Domestic violence is now the big thing since Rice decked his now wife. And warrants coverage.

Some guy took a switch to his kid, which is a southern thing – heck, I’ve had to go pick my own switch off a tree a few times in my life. That is child abuse. And warrants coverage.

October is NFL wears pink month for breast cancer awareness. Show of hands, who in the world is actually unaware of breast cancer?

All the concussion, violent sport, men are brutes nonsense.

And the Redskins should change their name because it’s racist nonsense that almost exactly zero people give a fuck about. And warrants coverage.

I watch football because I like it. Not to hear self-righteous idiots blather about social issues when their only job qualification is they used to play the game or that they look good in a suit. Shut the fuck up.

I’m done with the NFL but may keep up with the %city% Mannings. And don’t ruin college football for me.

22 Responses to “NFL as culture war”

  1. Adam Lawson Says:

    I enjoy football — even NFL football — but I’ll be damned if I’m going to listen to a single word uttered by Bob Costas. I tune all that bullshit out. I don’t watch pre-game shows. Even if they aren’t offensive on a political level they just ramble to fill the air time.

    As a Saints fan, I *am* enjoying seeing Roger Goodell get mauled over this, I have to admit.

    If Condi Rice becomes NFL Commish it’ll be worth it just to watch the SJWs implode.

  2. HL Says:

    Maybe if Condi were the commish she’d reinstitute hitting.

  3. nk Says:

    NFL is to football what the colon is to food.

  4. MrSatyre Says:

    There’s an article on (I think) which equates spanking your kid with sexual molestation. Oh, and NOT spanking your kid makes you smarter because then you have to deal with insubordination more creatively.

  5. Alien Says:

    Sorry, Unc, college football is next. Once the pearl clutchers and hand wringers finish off the NFL (which they will do because it’s not smart enough to manage itself), college football will be the target because it’s “where NFL thugs get their thug training.”

    Limbaugh riffed the other day about where the thuggery comes from, I’ll be waiting to see where that goes. Hint: it’s not State U’s football squad.

    Maybe you could get interested in soccer? Or golf. Yeah, golf, that’s the ticket. I understand it’s quite poplar in some circles……

  6. Bram Says:

    I have definitely lost interest in the NFL and become more of a fan of college football over the past decade. With all this Rice / Peterson nonsense, I have completely stopped watching any NFL news. They are committing suicide.

    College football is a lot more fun to watch now – so it is probably next to get the full PC treatment. As an USC alumni we got an early glimpse. The team is still being punished for something Reggie Bush’s parents did – while Miami got a slap on the wrist for paying players. It’s like they want to piss you off, not actually punish bad behavior.

  7. SouthpawByNW Says:

    Roger Goodell has made the game crap to watch. How many hours was the last Super Bowl? On top of that he makes more than any of the actual players in the league. I watch college ball, but per previous posters it is next on the list.

  8. Jake Says:

    And donít ruin college football for me.

    College football is where most NFL types are taught that the higher-ups will cover for their criminal thuggery, as long as they look good on the field and don’t make the papers (some also learn it in high school, but that’s not as consistent).

    The Vick brothers are an excellent example of this, to the shame of my town’s school.

  9. Jim Jones Says:

    Sorry to break to ya Unc, but if those players are successful in their lawsuits against the NCAA trying to be treated as employees or gaining the right to be paid for college sports, college football will simply never be the same.

  10. CAH Says:

    We have a close friend who plays in the NFL, so we watch his games (actually, my wife does and I do so a little – I prefer to read a book).

    But the product (i.e. the game) is pretty boring to me.

    We go to a fair amount of college games (because I am a good husband and my wife loves it), and they are entertaining enough.

    But I don’t derive my moral compass from the NFL, its teams, its players (a good many of whom look like they could play Robert DeNiro’s role in “Cape Fear” without a lot of acting) or the broadcast announcers.

    Seeing these dramas play out in the national stage (at least on the media) is dreadful.

    I was trying to catch a MLB score on the ESPN bottom of screen ticker and all I could get was silliness about NFL players and their behavior.

  11. hank Says:

    Yeah, golf, thatís the ticket.

    I dunno, I never actually played, but is sounds pretty tough.

    (Robin Williams on the invention of golf. This version is actually F-bomb free)

  12. KM Says:

    It’s brutal Hank. The ball just sits there…mocking you.
    The more you want a good shot, the more pleasure it takes from the gnashing of your teeth.
    Golf balls are evil.

  13. brewerbob Says:

    Gave up on football a long time ago. Watch the local rugby league instead. That’s entertainment!

  14. Lyle Says:

    The NFL represents a podium (a lot of viewers) and a lot of money. That’s going to draw Progressives to it, to lay their eggs in it, the way shit draws flies, and you can naver swat enough of the flies to keep a few of them from laying their eggs in it and filling it with maggots.

    The only answer is to disinfect the whole turd so flies can’t touch it.

  15. Paul Says:

    “October is NFL wears pink month for breast cancer awareness. Show of hands, who in the world is actually unaware of breast cancer?”

    I’m waiting for ‘prostate cancer month’. Bet I have to wait quite a while.

    As for football, like baseball, hockey, and soccer it deserves to be in high school and collage.

    But pro? No, it’s obvious the obscene salaries they pay go to muscled up creeps. I watch no pro sports on TV.

  16. Mike V. Says:

    I like the Duck Dynasty version of golf: Willie and Jase hit balls, Phil and Si use the balls as skeet targets. My kind of golf.

  17. Rivrdog Says:

    What Lyle said: It’s all part of the leftoids hijacking everything with popular appeal to spread their foul propaganda.

    What Lyle didn’t say: it’s also about perveyors of good American entertainment/sports/hobbies being pussified enough so that they will not defend their bit of the culture.

  18. Huck Says:

    I’ve NEVER had any interest in sports of any kind. I could never figure out (and still cant) what people find so awesome about watching a buncha felons with their highest IQ score stenciled on their jerseys chasing a ball around.

    Hell, I could throw a ball to a dog and have both better entertainment and a smarter participant.

  19. Wade Says:

    I’m always surprised by the number of supposedly conservative gun-owners who insist on giving their money and time to the NFL. They have anti-gun policies for their employees, they lobby to steal taxpayer dollars to pay for their facilities, they benefit from a series of taxpayer supported farm teams (high school and college football), and they bar citizens from being lawfully armed at their events. If any other organization behaved this way, there would be an NRA-backed boycott, but football is somehow different.

  20. nk Says:

    It’s people who like good football playing. The way I’ve heard it explained, a good college team will make more mistakes in one quarter than a pro team will make in a season.

    To me, that’s not good enough to give a penny of my money or a second of my time to the NFL. I’ll watch professional ballet.

  21. M Gallo Says:

    There is nothing I can say here that wasn’t already covered in the Garfunkel and Oates song “Sports, Go Sports!”

  22. NotClauswitz Says:

    Social Justice Warriors all want to pile-on – isn’t there a penalty for piling on? It’s like a late-hit, they should get thrown out. I don’t watch Football anymore, it doesn’t have motorcycles.