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Is western culture too politically correct to survive?

A teacher wrote a novel set in the future that contains a school shooting. So, stupidity breaks out:

Those books are what caught the attention of police and school board officials in Dorchester County. “The Insurrectionist” is about two school shootings set in the future, the largest in the country’s history.

Phillips said McLaw was taken in for an emergency medical evaluation. The sheriff would not disclose where McLaw is now, but he did say that he is not on the Eastern Shore. The same day that McLaw was taken in for an evaluation, police swept Mace’s Lane Middle School for bombs and guns, coming up empty.

And there’s rampant child rape Where Great Britain Used To Be. But it’s not reported for so long because that would be racist. So, a government employee calls them “Asian”, meaning Pakistani, and gets sent to sensitivity training.

When did the west turn into the soviet union with their retraining camps? Can we put the grown ups in charge?

10 Responses to “Is western culture too politically correct to survive?”

  1. NotClauswitz Says:

    The “West” became the Soviet Union when the Left took over the Acadaeme.n But there is still the West, and it’s no country for old professors.

  2. Roberta X Says:

    “too” Please.

  3. John A Says:

    Mr. McLaw – I hope this, apparently first hyped by Daily Kos, is incorrect. Jerry Pournelle has received word that the business was actually started by something he wrote to officials, possibly making threats, not by his fiction writing. I await more info.

  4. Bram Says:

    Western intellectuals are too stupid to survive. The question is, when will the middle class revolt and fix things?

    Ol Remus has tried to warn them.

  5. wizardpc Says:

    John A may be correct.

    I’m learning that when you see an outrageous story like this, you’re usually only getting half the truth from one side.

  6. treefroggy Says:

    The grown ups don’t want to be in charge . No one in their right mind does .

  7. mikee Says:

    Pour encourager les autres, I guess.

    Or in English, chilling effect on free speech.

  8. Jake Says:

    In typical MSM fashion, there is apparently more to the story than the news report is telling us.

    As police began investigating allegations made against Patrick McLaw in mid-August, concerns about a four-page letter he sent to a deputy school administrator led health officials to seek an emergency evaluation of the Mace’s Lane Middle School teacher, Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello said Tuesday.

    There are also allegations of an “inappropriate relationship” between McLaw and a minor (not one of his students).

  9. Paul Says:

    Maybe this is how Rome really fell.

    PC till the Visigoths were at the gates.

    Then it was way way to late.

    And that may also explain why we elected the stupidity we have for a president. Just PCed ourselves to death.

  10. Rivrdog Says:

    Can’t put grownups in charge until we get rid of the PeeCee bullies currently claiming leadership.