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Let the games begin

So, Moms Demand Action is operating in The City (My The City):

Their main mission involves seeking mandatory background checks, clip-size regulations and nixing open-carry gun laws.

Supporters and members of a national organization called “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” met in Blount County Saturday for a cookout which coincided with nearly two dozen others nationwide.

The organization’s presence in East Tennessee is fairly new. Knoxville resident Ken Libby said he became an ambassador for the organization last November to help spread support and membership in the area. David Twiggs, of Lenoir City, said while chapters of the organization already existed in West and Middle Tennessee, there wasn’t a presence in the eastern part of the state until Libby became involved.

Saturday’s hamburger and hotdog cookout — dubbed “Grilling for Gun Sense” — took place at Pearson Springs Park in Maryville. It was just the group’s third get-together and drew about a dozen people, Libby said. The cookouts were intended to help reach voters and educate them on the organization’s goals.

Of course, no one knew of the cookout in advance because we know how that would have gone. Anyway, I now have a local group to discredit ad embarrass. And, of course, they lie:

Libby explained that Moms Demand Action was instrumental in getting several nation-wide retailers, including Starbuck’s and Target, to stop allowing customers to openly carry guns into their businesses.

Except that never actually happened.

11 Responses to “Let the games begin”

  1. Miguel Says:

    They announced they were gonna have the cookout about a week or so ago, but never gave details to when and where. They know they will get a counter-visit and they probably only tell media and their own via selected emails.

  2. Old NFO Says:

    Of course they are lying… their lips are moving… sigh

  3. comatus Says:

    “Ken Libby” — whose mom is that?

  4. Bob Barker Says:

    Yup, they lie. I have yet to see a Target or Starbucks that had any gun signage whatsoever.

  5. JTC Says:

    They’re so afraid of a “counter-visit” that they don’t put the word out so nobody comes…12 people? Probably all organizers and media. Or it could be that nobody in the city -your the city- gives a rats ass about lies, the liars that tell them, and the liar that pays them.

  6. NewAgeOfPower Says:

    Dear Uncle,

    I’ve been a long time (mostly) lurker here. Although this request is only somewhat related, I’ve heard of cases on the Mexican border where dozens of Cartel/MS13/etc members attacked a home.

    I’ve even heard of these members being stood off on occaision. Is this true, and if so, would you kindly find me a link or report?



  7. Halon330 Says:

    I’m only about 3-4 hours from East TN, depending on what exact location. If you get info to make a counter visit I would love to accompany if I’m available.

    Would be even better if we have a Grillin’ for Guns faw enough away to prevent drama, but close enough we are noticed. Bet we could get higher numbers.

  8. Knob Creeker Says:

    I’d show up for a Grillin’ for Guns meet, with or without the gun haters around. Actually sounds like a good idea; networking with other gun enthusiasts, delicious grilled meat, showing public support for our basic rights. I’m not in East TN either, just north enough to be in KY, so it’d be no problem to drive down.

  9. Bill Says:

    I’m thinking that “Moms demanding to Hook Up” were concerned that naked PETA protesters would show up at their grillin’ event.

  10. SPQR Says:

    When we rally, we fill parks.
    When MomsDemand rallies, they fill phone booths.

  11. Sigivald Says:

    20-some cookouts, involving maybe 250 people nationwide?

    We might as well give up and go home, guys.

    They’re Winning.