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I have work to do


15 Responses to “I have work to do”

  1. John Richardson Says:

    Looks like a job that would go faster with a MagLula.

  2. Jerry Says:


  3. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Strippers and a spoon, RIP RIP RIP, loaded. Of course there’s loading the strippers. Junior!

  4. J T Bolt Says:

    well, giddy up.

  5. Fiftycal Says:

    Wolf? Really? You gonna put commie ammo in a $1000+ rifle to save .02 per round?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Wolf runs fine.

  7. Old NFO Says:

    Gonna have a tired thumb there…

  8. Linoge Says:

    For all people give grief about Wolf, the only problem I have had with it is the smell.

    Clean your chambers. Life goes on.

  9. Jailer Says:

    I gave up on wolf after the third stuck case in two separate guns. Make sure you take some penetrating oil and a stout cleaning rod with you when you shoot it.

    You’ve been warned.

  10. JTC Says:

    Work now, play later!

  11. treestump Says:

    Ammo can on the coffee table? Thats a paddlin.

  12. Dano Says:

    Nothing wrong with Wolf, Wolf Gold is really nice ammo.

  13. topofthechain Says:

    I don’t know which is more absurd, the argument that X gun is the GREATESTTHINGEVER!! and what you have pales in comparison and should bow before it’s superiority or that X ammo stovepiped, left icky residue,and/or stuck a case in the chamber of my uber shizznit gun. Why you shouldn’t use that because I read it on the internet that Cletus’s 2nd cousin removed hairdresser’s boyfriend’s cop buddy one time at the range had a malf out of a case of ammo.

  14. MAJMike Says:

    I’ve used Wolf ammunition in my HK91 and both AR15’s with no problem.

  15. Critter Says:

    you’ll shoot yer barrel out.

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