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@Rude943: So, there’s an election going on?

Just random thoughts on our local political races. And the talk radio. I listen to KnoxTalkRadio’s morning show The Rude Awakening, though I wish they’d ditch Glenn Beck and extend the show for another hour or so. Beck is tiring. And given that most of the ads prior to the election season were brought to us by the Ad Council, I’m guessing Beck is not a hit. But this ain’t a post about that, it’s a post about this. I listen from about 7:30 on.

The Americans for Progress of Tennessee is running an boatload of ads for three candidates, Hall, Campfield and Reagan. All three ads say the same thing, which is, roughly:

*candidate* voted to repeal Obamacare. *candidate* voted to repeal Common Core. *candidate* voted to repeal the Hall income tax.

They are literally the same ad for each candidate, and just inserting a different name. While I support all of those ideas, none of them actually happened. None. I’m glad they voted that way but these things are still here.

Up next on the local politics is Dennis Roach. Full disclosure, I know Dennis Roach. He was my high school drivers education teacher. I realized, at the age of 17, he was a fucking moron. And probably still is. Anyway, he has an ad that says, and I shit you not, his opponent supports school vouchers; some vouchers go to Muslim schools. So, his opponent supports Muslim schools. Idiot.

Also, surprisingly, Joe Carr, who I have never heard a single ad for anywhere and who was endorsed by Palin, is polling within 7 points of Lamar! If you want to vote the bums out, start with your own bum.

And, lastly, Jimmy Duncan is a coward. He’s refused to debate his opponents. He was scheduled this morning to be on the local radio show but backed out, claiming something to the effect of “your show has all but endorsed my opponent and my pussy hurts”. Thing is, his opponent, Jason Zachary, has done something Duncan hasn’t. Showed up on radio shows. The hosts then ask him questions, he answers, they thank him for his time and tell listeners where his website is. Not exactly an endorsement. If you want to vote the bums out, start with your own bum.

Your irregularly scheduled gun blogging resumes tomorrow.

Update: Wamp there it ain’t. Poor Zach Wamp wants his daddy’s old seat so bad, he had someone write a shitty song about him.

4 Responses to “@Rude943: So, there’s an election going on?”

  1. Cargosquid Says:

    At least we voted our bum out. And freaked out the GOP.

    Bye’ Cantor!

    It may not have been “strategic,” replacing a senior House member with a beginner….but if you’re going to worry about House power games….then we’ll NEVER vote anyone out. Besides, whats the point of having a possible Speaker of the House as our representative, if who he is representing is the Chamber of Commerce and other money people and not us?

  2. ThomasD Says:

    Alexander made two appearances in my area (tri-cities) and in both places the Carr supporters outnumbered the Alexander attendees.

    Alexander is doing some kind of bus tour across the state, but is keeping the actual event locations secret, I’ve heard the Carr campaign is offering a bounty for information on specific locations.

  3. Darragh McCurragh Says:

    “They are literally the same ad for each candidate, and just inserting a different name.” That’s why Carl Rove who brought Bush-shrub to power is such a genius. As Rosser Reeves in “Reality in Advertising” wrote: executives bring us a brand-new coin that looks exactly like all the other coins and they then want us to market this one as something special. A candidate is often voted into office on the whim of the moment, like Nixon who lost against Kennedy because he appeared unshaven in the lighting during a certain TV discussion.

  4. Paul Says:

    I think you mean “Weston”, Zach Wamp is the daddy.

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