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There was a little pro gun ruling issued. So, how’s that going? Well, DC is asking for a stay while they decide whether or not to appeal.

Alan Gura has the memo the police chief issued regarding their rules for concealed carry.

Some tweets on carrying there.

But Dave Kopel advises caution.

As for me, I wouldn’t carry there until it irons out. Of course, I don’t go there because of their carry rules. That may change if the unfuck themselves.

5 Responses to “In DC”

  1. kahr40 Says:

    “Unfuck” themselves? This IS DC we’re talking about.

  2. Jeff from DC Says:

    You are setting the bar rather high for the federalist city.

  3. Bram Says:

    I don’t go there because DC is like a pulsing parasite feeding off a helpless host. I was caught in the beltway traffic on a Saturday morning on the way to NC a few weeks ago. I wish I had taken the longer western route around that crap hole.

  4. Jake Says:

    One thing to be wary of – they’re not enforcing the law in question now, but they are taking names. Who wants to bet that if the circuit court reverses the decision, the DC police will go back and charge everyone they caught with a gun?

    I’ll stay in America until this shakes out, thanks.

  5. Sid Says:

    The memo is troubling. The 3 scenarios listed do not start with probable cause. What the DCPD treats very poorly is the idea that open carry is legal. Observation of a person OCing is NOT probable cause to ask a citizen questions.