choate machine and tool’s emergency car tool

Linoge takes a look. I’ve always liked the ResQme and have one in each vehicle.

5 Responses to “choate machine and tool’s emergency car tool”

  1. Linoge says:

    It is worth noting that Those In The Know recommend the ResQ device as well, over this one.

  2. Joe Hooker says:

    The bad news, folks, is that these rescue tools won’t work on newer cars. Per DOT regs tempered glass in side windows is due to be replaced by laminated glass like the front windshield, so punches will no longer break the side glass — you will have to have a laminate glass saw. Just your gov’t trying to make you safer.

  3. Jim Brack says:

    What Joe says is correct. In fact some 2014 cars have all laminate glass and all cars will have it by 2018.

    Heh, this is the tool you will need:

  4. mikee says:

    The Bust-A-Cap Maglight accessory lets one break out windows, and will also bust holes into laminate windshields in vehicles with ease, and has that cool name going for it, too.

  5. Jim Brack says:

    Unfortunately, Bust A Cap is really no different than all of the other tools. Yes, it works well on tempered glass. Nothing works well, in a timely fashion, on laminate glass, short of powered tools.

    See why: