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Careful when you leave America

PA woman takes gun to NJ and NJ happens

5 Responses to “Careful when you leave America”

  1. OldTexan Says:

    I was with 14 other folks from Texas working on a project in Allentown PA for two months a few years ago and a woman with us looked up some of the regulations about carrying a gun in that part of the USA. The headquarters for our company was in New Jersey and we had to travel back and forth from time to and and what we found out was that we could be arrested in NJ for having a gun locked up in a case in the trunk of the car with no ammo.

    We had a number of rental cars we shared and we were told to make sure any car we drove into NJ was clean with no guns or ammo just in case we had a wreck or any type of encounter with the cops in NJ. Them Yankees are bat-shit crazy when it comes to gun laws in New York and New Jersey.

  2. KM Says:

    Seems that being too close to New York is poisonous to liberty.
    Funny how that cancer metastasizes without control.
    “Leaving the United States” is exactly the right term.

  3. Chris Says:

    Sorry but she should have known of the stay away areas wih a firearm,,they hate us and are nazis when it comes to protection and freedoms. I feel for her cause it’s one hell of a lesson to learn,but be wise when carrying into anti states..I recently took the family to boston ,first thing I had to come to grips with was no carry …duh!!

  4. Chris Says:

    And yes New Yorker lawmakers are batshit crazy,I want out of this crapy law state,especially with communist cuomo in office, just have to figure a way to afford to move to Midwest and find a job in free state,with common spence laws

  5. Paul Says:

    Long time ago while visiting Philadelphia, I got stuck on the bridge going to NJ. I freaked cause my .38 was with me (legal as I had a CCW) but NOT legal in The Communist Paradise of New Jersey (not RINO Christie is there.)

    I could NOT get off the bride. I had to go into NJ, screaming and kicking (kind of like going to Mexico, right?)

    ASAP I found a guy who told me how to get back to Philadelphia and slowly, carefully, I drove back.

    Screw NJ. I sure don’t want to every go there or spend one dime there.

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