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The IRS says the dog ate Lerner’s email

Two years worth. That’s impossible without a conspiracy to get rid of them.

5 Responses to “The IRS says the dog ate Lerner’s email”

  1. harleycowboy Says:

    I’m pretty sure somebody has them. Hard drives can be recovered. NSA, Yahoo, Google, etc. can give them a copy.

  2. Seerak Says:

    But they’ll find that one $1.30 deduction you made in 1979.

  3. HL Says:

    2 years of missing emails or 18 minutes of missing tape…think the media will find proportion?

  4. mikee Says:

    The impossible the Obama administration can do without breaking a sweat – it is those little things they are supposedly required to do by law that cause them huge problems.

  5. West Says:

    Speaking as someone who works in the industry (Email archiving support with a major software company), there’s no way they ‘lost’ anything when her desktop computer crashed – these emails would have been stored on the Exchange or Domino mail servers, not on the client side. Not to mention the fact that even if they did happen to be storing them client-side in cached mode and removing them from the mail server, they still would have copies of everything in the journal mailbox for retention purposes. Basically, it’s a lame bullshit excuse and if they’ve lost them, it was completely intentional.