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AR-15 Hybrid Lower Receivers

From here in Tennessee, a polymer lower receiver with metal inserts in the grip and buffer tube threading.

Here’s a video of a crush test:

5 Responses to “AR-15 Hybrid Lower Receivers”

  1. Hartley Says:

    That’s cute, but hardly a good test of it’s longevity as a receiver. Build one and run a couple thousand rounds thru it, then tell us what size & shape the holes are, and if there is any evidence of heat damage. You could also run one thru a “carbine course”, preferably one with lots of “get up, get down” drills in it so we can see that the stock attach point is strong enuff.
    I don’t see why a polymer receiver wouldn’t be able to pass the tests, but squeezing it in a bench vise doesn’t really test it.

  2. M Gallo Says:

    Hartley these are currently in the hands of the likes of Pat Rogers so they are being put through the ringer in the manner you suggest but it will take time. These gents set out to build a poly lower that will LAST and have already gone through several iterations, doing free upgrades for all the beta testers. Mine (a second generation) is on a dedicated .22 gun so nothing to report, really.

  3. Hartley Says:

    Very good, M – I look forward to seeing what happened.. I own both a Plum Crazy and a CAV-15, and while they both work, perfection has not been achieved..:-)

  4. TnArmsCo Says:

    Actually, Pat has the Gen one lowers. He’s had a lot of other stuff going on to send them in for Gen IV lowers. But, we do have a couple in the hands of Frank Proctor. At last count he had over 4k down range. But, that was 2 months ago, so I done know what ourhigh round count is. I can tell you that we have yet to replace a lower due to failure. The only replacements have been for Gen IV lower upgrades we offer for free. Check the site out. There are a lot more videos on there.

  5. Tn_Arms_Co Says:

    Ok just talked to one of Frank’s friends who was using the same FFL as Frank for an order. New high round count is 5000+

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