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Your brain on the war on drugs

Sums the whole thing up: According to the DEA, then, marijuana prohibition has driven people to “easily available” but more dangerous alternatives. The solution? More prohibition!

11 Responses to “Your brain on the war on drugs”

  1. Bram Says:

    When was the solution ever less government?

  2. Paul B Says:

    We have lost this war. Not that the government will stop fighting it as they do not believe in stopping anything that has more money in it.

  3. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    It’s a multifaceted program, with several features working in synergy. It provides, at great expense, the illusion that they’re “doing something” where so many people think “something” should be done, and this satisfies the law & order types.

    It inures us to the police abusing the 4th amendment and stealing our stuff. It provides fresh meat for the prison industry to generate profit from. It criminalizes an ever larger portion of the population, placing them under the .gov thumb. It hardens the police into an adversarial relationship with the citizens.

    And for all that, it accomplishes approximately nothing regarding its stated intention, but of course it needs the drugs to flow to justify its continued existence. Gotta keep that feeding trough full.

  4. JTC Says:

    Mr Evilwrench:

    That’s one of the most eloquent and profoundly sad commentaries I’ve ever read. Change the context a bit and it applies to virtually all victimless “crimes”.

    And as you imply, it will only get worse as erstwhile free Americans further embrace centralized surveillance and control of every aspect of our lives.

    Makes me appreciate all the more grateful that I don’t have that many more circuits around old Sol to endure…but I’m positively morose at the prospects for the future of my children and grandchildren.

  5. mikee Says:

    What would work to make people stop abusing recreational drugs in an unsafe manner?

    Answer that question, then you have something for society to work on, to the betterment of the populace.

    What is going on now is insanity on stilts.

  6. KM Says:

    But if we don’t curtial peoples freedoms, they might hurt themselves…or us! Just leave the life decisions to the goobermint 24/7/365.
    That’s why prisons are so safe and drug free.

  7. JTC Says:


    Either that’s a joke, or irony is a concept that escapes you…and I fear the latter.

  8. Josh Says:

    Personal responsibility. The same thing that keeps you from driving 150mph in a 25 and from drinking a gallon of rum in a single swig. But, unfortunately, it’s not something you can effectively teach adults easily.

    I had to learn responsibility the hard way, myself.

  9. Jay Dee Says:

    In my law enforcement days, I had an idea that I’ve since discovered had been previously proposed.

    The premise is that some number will seek illicit drugs no matter what and will commit all manner of crimes to obtain the drugs to progressively kill themselves. The secret to breaking the cycle are treatment centers that provide your drug of choice for free. Drugs would still be illegal but the users would no longer have to rob, kill or whore to get them.

    Drugs would no longer be cool when they are readily available and drug users can be viewed by the general public.

    If you are found using drugs, you go into the treatment centers. Want out? You have to stay clean for 30 days in the presence of a cornucopia of drugs. We’ll help if you really want to quit but we won’t stop you if you’re intent on killing yourself.

    Drugs dealers would soon disappear as law enforcement seizes their stocks and give them to the “treatment centers”.

    The best part is these treatment centers would protect society by concentrating the drug users and do-gooders away from society.

  10. Windy Wilson Says:

    The war on Marijuana is directly responsible for the methamphetamine scourge, resulting in people with allergies unable to buy antihistamines in anything except the gargantuanly uneconomic single-pill bubble card.
    Because Marijuana metabolites last longer, and can show up days after use, but Meth metabolites do not, people not wishing to be caught using, use meth, which has a different collection of consequences. As the DEA admits.

    It’s also made it impossible to find strike-anywhere matches anymore, since someone figured out how to use the strike-anywhere compound to make meth.

  11. Lyle Says:

    Give the DEA a break. The truth, if, God forbid, it were to become widely understood and embraced, would put them clean out of business.