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The NRA is racist and conservative and also may have cooties.

Is the NRA too doctrinaire? And more from Tam.

I think they may have gotten the memo with their new urban, hipster internet TV called, and I am not making it up, NRA Freestyle. I mean, I get what they’re doing but they might be trying a little too hard.

3 Responses to “The NRA is racist and conservative and also may have cooties.”

  1. deadcenter Says:

    Until they stop blaming shootings on violent movies and video games, they’re too stupid to receive any money from me. I’d also lean towards arguing they should be more libertarian than strictly republican as the republican brand has been tarnishing itself at an increasing rate and the younger folks are waking up to the fact that 1) big government kind of sucks and 2) Occupy Something doesn’t solve anything either. Spokespeople like Colion Noir are a step in the right direction.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    Yeah, NRA Freestyle is a joke. I could do a post or two on a lot of this.

  3. settles Says:

    I could do with a lot less blaming video games and Sarah Palin in general. Until the NRA starts putting forth people who can clearly articulate our views they will still be seen as an extension of the GOP. I mean, WTF was up with Palin talking about “baptising terrorists”? It was like CPAC II…

    What they need to do is demonstrate how the 2a is tied in to all of the other amendments. They need to demonstrate that they are not just an extension of the GOP.

    They need to demonstrate that they are a civil rights group. Paying people of color and women to say how much they love guns and the NRA is all good, but it can’t be the end-all, be-all. They have to back it up with actions.

    Suggesting that we ban video games instead of banning rifles is not going to get it done and falls into the same “Government take care of me” mentality that is being used against us.