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A product I recommend is on sale

The ResQMe, which I’m a huge fan of and have in all of my vehicles, is on sale at Amazon.

6 Responses to “A product I recommend is on sale”

  1. Guav Says:

    I too have a couple of these.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    I also. Can’t recommend ’em highly enough.

    Power windows don’t work for sh*t if the battery/ connections are destroyed in a crash.

    Never gave such things much thought until l got older and impaired.

  3. Sendarius Says:

    I have a couple of them, but I do wonder how well they will do against window glass held together with high-strength after-market window tint.

  4. phenicks Says:

    Why is this better then a decent pocketknife? I can still cut the seatbelt, use the butt to break a window, and it’s useful for other things. Is my tacticool gene broken?

  5. bob r Says:

    phenicks: Why is this better then a decent pocketknife?

    Well, the blade is shielded so there is little risk of cutting anything other than what you *want* to cut: the seat belt. The blade will also be *sharp* — this will be quite important. Minimal manipulation required also as the ergonomics of the device are good for the task at hand.

    Regarding breaking the glass: it is *not* an easy thing to do using something that is blunt — try hitting car window sometime and don’t be surprised if a hammer just bounces off (if you strike it with the point of your knife, you have a good chance of cutting yourself). The tool strikes the glass with a hardened point that is driven by a spring: just what the doctor ordered for breaking tempered glass — significant force concentrated in a very small area.

  6. Huck Says:

    As a retired Firefighter, who’s been at more auto accidents than you can shake a stick at, I’m here to tell you that dinky ‘lil rescue tools like this are only useful to make one feel good about getting themselves out of a bad fix.

    Odds are that it wont work as advertised when you need it. And you’ll most likely be so badly injured and disoriented (if you’re even conscious) that you wont think about using the thing. I never saw anyone who was banged up in a banged up car who was capable of doing anything except bleed and scream/moan.

    You’d do better with one of these in your ride, I have one myself in my Ram truck.

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