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6 wacky laws in Tennessee

A list. No mention of TN’s tax on illegal drugs that you cannot pay. Or the stupid “send a drug addict to jail because she got knocked up” law.

3 Responses to “6 wacky laws in Tennessee”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    Also, atheists are not permitted to hold public office in Tennessee.

    I guess nobody can figure how to swear ’em in.

  2. hank Says:

    Why is eating a deer killed with a pickup truck considered “wacky”. I assume eating a deer killed with a gun or bow is “OK”?

    When my long-ago roommate totaled her brand new (1 day old) car by hitting a deer, the responding officer tagged it and told her it was hers if she wanted it. A friend dressed it (by the strobing yellow lights of the tow truck hooking up) and took most of the meat, but she kept the tenderloins, figuring it was the most expensive cut of meat she’d ever eat. We weren’t in TN, but nobody considered it “wacky”.

  3. Crawler Says:

    Article quote:

    “Panhandlers must first get a $10 permit in Memphis before they beg on the streets.”

    Well, just when I thought that I’ve seen most everything, Memphis city government reminds me that I haven’t.