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Gun Rights folks are successful because it’s a mask for racism

So says David Frum in one of the dumbest things I’ve read on the internet.

10 Responses to “Gun Rights folks are successful because it’s a mask for racism”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    At first, as I was reading it, I was taking notes to address his mistakes in the comments section, but literally everything he says is completely wrong. I got tired.

  2. AndyN Says:

    MrSatyre – I came to comment to say exactly the same thing. The funny thing is, Frum probably has no clue that this is the answer to his headline. Our side wins because we have both facts and common sense on our side. It’s a whole lot easier to argue a position that doesn’t require remembering which lie you told or rationalizing internal contradictions.

  3. pdb Says:

    So who’s right less often, Frum or Krugman?

  4. IllTemperedCur Says:

    How long until PETA starts agitating against racist dog whistles as pet abuse?

  5. Yep Says:

    Why limit yourself to the internet? Any article that contains the statement “as gun ownership as dwindled” has to written by the dumbest person in any media.

  6. Precision270 Says:

    “uncontroversial measures” sort of like “common sense”, the indication a HUGE lie is coming. Why didn’t he just whine “its for the kids”.

    I hopefully wait for this level of brilliance to enact the circular firing squad. So far no luck.

  7. mikee Says:

    I have been convinced that gun prohibitionists are the racists – from the anti-Black gun restrictions of the Reconstruction era, through the Sullivan Act, onward to the 1968 banning of Saturday Night Specials and today’s efforts to make urban populations unarmed by fiat.

    Everyone of any race should be agitating for 2nd Amendment rights vigorously, since the anti-gunners have tried so hard to keep guns out of the hands of what they see as those races, ethnicities and socioeconomic groups deemed less deserving of those rights for 150+ years.

  8. The Jack Says:

    And this doesn’t even get into parallels with Voter ID.

    Most of the people demanding Universal Background Checks also think Voter ID is racist because showing ID before the exercise of a civil right is a burden that disproportionatly hurts minorities.

    (But only if its a civil right they like)

    Thus they’re either forced to defend that “guns are different!” annnnnnd that disarming minorities isn’t racist.

    Meanwhile 2nd amendment acitvists don’t need to have a problem with voter ID, because voter ID doesn’t create a registry of copied (and nammed) ballots that are kept at the polling location.

  9. Seerak Says:

    The Right’s winningest issue turns out to be the one for which they argue in terms of individual rights.

    Compare and contrast with the issues that are killing them.

  10. Windy Wilson Says:

    But elsewhere other — or actually, all — conservative positions are deemed masks for racism. What does this author believe is the real reason for the differences in success and failure he posits?

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