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Bloomberg on gun control: I’ve already spent millions so I’ll spend $50M more!

He’s going to form a group to challenge NRA, which won’t work because NRA actually has members and grassroots and he doesn’t.


The antigun movement is now and always has been a small number of professional politicians and activists hiding behind an astroturf facade.

And please donate to the billionaire.

2 Responses to “Bloomberg on gun control: I’ve already spent millions so I’ll spend $50M more!”

  1. mikee Says:

    Hey, if he is paying for people to spew the crap the antigunners have spewed for decades, I can do that in my sleep better than most of the stuff I’ve read from Brady, Mothers, etc., and I could use the cash.

    And if I should make a stupid mistake every paragraph or so and admit that anti-gun groups are really anti-rights bigots, all the better, eh?

  2. BDubya Says:

    I think I’ve said this before, but the only difference between Mikey Bloomberg and all the other Manhattan loons standing on their corner soap boxes is that Mikey is a billionaire and he’s willing to pay people to go along with the crazy. Which New Yorkers of a certain type are more than willing to do.

    Mikey gets even more frantically loony every day, as his own day of personal extinction gets closer. It is soon, by the way; no matter what he does to feel safe, and everything he does is to make Mikey feel safe, he will die of an old age related malady soon.

    Without that money to throw around any more, Mikey will have never existed.

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