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The narrative

Whenever there’s a mass shooting, the media gets its panties in a twist and tries to tie it to the tea party or Sarah Palin. But when it’s a Democrat with ties to the KKK, such mention only goes in paragraph 11.

Media Matters was quick to blame it on “right wingers“. And that’s stupid. But the shooter cited Media Matters. And spouts the same kind of anti-neo-con claptrap one would see at Daily Kos. It’s stupid to blame Media Matters but, unlike the tea party mass shooters that seem to never happen and the press speculates exist, the press isn’t mentioning the whole democrat thing.

7 Responses to “The narrative”

  1. Guav Says:

    Well, the mention that he was a Republican is also relegated to paragraph 11.

    And he was anti-neocon because he was a straight up klansman who hated Jews, not simply because he disagreed with the neocons political positions. Not too many klansman at Daily Kos the last time I checked 🙂

  2. Lyle Says:

    I hadn’t heard a thing about the shooter except that he’s was KKK, which I took to mean he was certainly a Democrat/Progressive. And so that’s not “News”. Same as it ever was.

  3. MAJMike Says:

    My understanding is that the shooter also ran for public office as a Democrat.

  4. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    From link #1: “He even unsuccessfully ran in the Democratic primary for North Carolina governor in 1984 and as a Republican for a state Senate seat in 1987, the SPLC said.”

  5. CaptDMO Says:

    Meanwhile, nothing on the serial child killer practicing the “at home” 4th trimester abortions?

  6. Kristophr Says:

    No one on the left ever wants to ever talk about Hitler being a socialist.


  7. Other Steve Says:

    “ran in the Democratic primary for North Carolina governor in 1984 and as a Republican for a state Senate”

    … Piece of shit murderer… still more open minded than most… Or opportunistic I guess?

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