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New box?

Been quite happy with my Rokus. But Amazon has released the Amazon Fire TV. Anyone tried one out yet?

5 Responses to “New box?”

  1. Scotty B Says:

    Looks cool. Rumor has it Google is releasing something soon, too. My Roku2 works just fine, so I’ve no intention of upgrading.

  2. D2k Says:

    I’ve heard some negative reviews regarding the Amazon interface, but nothing big, haven’t looked at it technically yet.

  3. MichaelB Says:

    It does look cool. I just got a TabloTV that records over the air signals and streams to my roku. No excuse to still be paying the anti-civil rights media conglomerates for your entertainment.

  4. Jeff Powell Says:

    The Fire TV box has really good hardware for the price point l. Essentially the same guts as a galaxy S4. It should be able to chew through anything you throw at it.

    Also the remote seems pretty awesome. Still haven’t got a chance to try it though

  5. Karl Says:

    Received mine yesterday. Setup was great – the box was already pre-configured for my Amazon Prime account.
    Setting up Hulu and Netflix accounts were quick too.

    Watched one movie. No streaming delays. I’m hoping the extra memory will address the spooling issues we saw with both our Roku and AppleTV boxes. Both of those are now in the trash.

    Roku users be aware, it is Amazon centric. The interface “Home” is Amazon, and you have to select Hulu or Netflix to then see those libraries. This equates to one less click if you’re going to watch an Amazon flick, and the same number of clicks as Roku if you’re going to choose a 3rd party service.

    One downer – MLB’s subscription service is not available yet on Amazon Fire. Their forum says they (MLB) will be available shortly. I’ll just have to assume the Cubs lost…