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Exotic Jerky review

The folks at Jerky Dynasty sent me a sample pack of Buffalo Bob’s exotic jerky. It’s good stuff. My favorites were the duck and the alligator, probably because they were a type of meat I’ve not had often. The kids liked the venison and buffalo a lot.

The jerky is high quality and mildly seasoned. I didn’t notice any real heat on any that I’ve tried so far. I do like a little spice. Even without the kick, this stuff is great. And, honestly, how often do you get to eat antelope? I recommend it.

5 Responses to “Exotic Jerky review”

  1. Paul from Canada Says:

    When I was a kid growing up in South Africa, you could get biltong (similar but not quite the same as jerky), in all sorts of species. At games and events, instead of, or as well as, a hot dog vendor, there would be a guy with a tray of little plastic bags of biltong wandering around the stands.

    You would shout out for “a packet of Springbok”, or “Two packets of Kudu”.

  2. Poobie Says:

    on a recent road trip, I stopped at Wayne’s Real Good Beef Jerky in Quartzsite, AZ. Their Sweet and Hot brisket is the best jerky I’ve ever eaten.

  3. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I first got turned on to Buffalo Bob’s several years ago at Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati. It’s also available at my Gander Mountain here in town. There are indeed a couple of pretty warm ones, and there’s kangaroo, ostrich, etc.

  4. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the review. Any Paul we have Biltong available.

  5. ErnestM Says:

    This guy is a mainstay at about every gun show in central Florida. Too bad you can’t order his exotic stuff online (Gator, etc)