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Border Checkpoint Refusal Video

How it should be:

12 Responses to “Border Checkpoint Refusal Video”

  1. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    “I don’t consent to searches”…

    Love it!!

  2. Linoge Says:

    It gives me a sad that this was an April Fools’ joke.

  3. Bruce Says:

    That’s awesome. If only this were America.

  4. Cargosquid Says:


  5. Paul Kisling Says:

    If I was a border patrol officer I would probably fuck with people like that. Law enfarcement takes things way to seriously.

  6. retro Says:

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. –Goethe

  7. nk Says:

    Get real. “Yes, you are being detained. Step out of the car with your hands where I can see them. Now, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

    Forty-eight hours later. You have spent them in a jail cell and your car in a pound. “Your Honor, I was on routine patrol. I signaled the defendant to pull over and he did so. As I approached his car I observed him making furtive movements. His demeanor was nervous, and his answers to my questions were evasive. Based on my reasonable suspicions, he was detained while we ran his fingerprints and checked on his identity and criminal history. At this point, we are not ready to charge him with a specific crime.” You are released. There is a $200.00 tow and pound charge for your car. You are in desperate need of

  8. Bob Smith Says:

    Officer: Get out of the vehicle.

    You put your right hand in,
    You put your right hand out,
    You put your right hand in,
    And you shake it all about,

    You do the hokey pokey
    and you turn yourself around
    That what it’s all about.

  9. Patrick Says:

    “Oh, and here’s your copy [of the pocket Constitution] in Arabic, in case you need it…”


  10. Patrick Says:

    @nk: you are a day late for April’s Fools.

    Which is sad, because I know what you said is no joke.

  11. Paul Says:

    I’ve never been asked if a cop could search my car.

    IF I was ever asked I would politely say to them that it is my policy to not allow any searches, regardless.

    But I would also say that I have absolutely noting illegal in my car or on my person.

    And then I would stick with it. If they said they were bringing a drug dog, I’d say, “Fine, do it. I have the time.” And I’d wait for the drug dog to sniff around.

    No matter what, as policy I decline to allow my car to be searched. PERIOD.

    And why folks?

    Cause with over 1/2 a million laws on the books and no telling what is legal or illegal, who knows what COULD be found you thought was legal, but is not.

    But be polite and not combative. As Nancy Reagan said, “just say no.”

  12. HSR47 Says:

    To #11 Paul:

    The following is something you should NEVER say:

    “I have absolutely noting illegal in my car or on my person.”

    As you acknowledge later in your post, there is a vast uncounted multitude of criminal statutes that no reasonable person can be expected to know; Generally speaking, it should be assumed that “making false statements to a police officer” is among those statutes.

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