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Assault Flashlights

No, they’re police officer flashlights so they are Patrol Flashlights. Snark aside, I would consider the switches and goo-gas to be more problematic than an under the trigger guard. I grip the gun and the light comes on. As opposed to fumbling with something with an activation that, under stress, might result in flicking the bang-switch instead.

One Response to “Assault Flashlights”

  1. Brad Says:

    Seems to me like the weapon light magnifies a preexisting problem with police training. The problem of pointing firearms at suspects when there is no justifiable reason to pull the trigger. Why do police do this? It’s just begging for a tragedy.

    Is some fraction of second saved if the situation turns into a real shooting? Do police point guns to threaten the suspect into compliance? I thought threatening death to gain compliance was something that armed robbers and rapists did, not a practice the police should copy.