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Civil Rights Victory

In Delaware, you can carry a gun outside the home. Even if you live in government housing.

4 Responses to “Civil Rights Victory”

  1. Mike W. Says:

    And yet a Federal judge got it wrong and the case had to go to the Delaware Supreme Court.

    I’m glad we won this one, but I’m really skeptical of the Federal Courts actively defending our rights.

  2. Matthew Carberry Says:

    State law in Delaware was at issue, not the Second Amendment. The right in the state Constitution is broader than the 3rd Circuits interpretation of Heller/McDonald.

    This is more evidence that we need to never let up at the state level.

  3. AKô Says:

    “It used to be” could carry a gun anywhere. Then the lawyers and the “moms demand attention” types stepped in..”for the children”..

  4. Ron W Says:

    And they work to keep the children unprotected in “gun-free” zones, while the politicians who thrive on shootings in those places are surrounded by guns. They deny the children what they have and keep for themselves.