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Speaking of CT

The state is sending letters telling people who didn’t register their now illegal guns to turn them in or destroy them.

6 Responses to “Speaking of CT”

  1. CMonster Says:

    Maybe because I live in a (slightly) less nanny state, my question is… How do they know who to send the letters to if they didn’t register? If the state already knows who has what, would that not be considered a registry?

    Molon Labe.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    CMonster, quite correct. My understanding is these letters are being sent to the people that tried to comply, but were just a leetle too late.

    As regards the rest of the unknown number of banned weapons in CT, I guess the Staties are just just going to have to go around to the gun shops and go through the FFL’s A&D books. Which they may lack the authority to do.

    But considering the stunt the ATF pulled this weekend, that may not matter.

  3. SteveA Says:

    That’s why you keep all 4473’s on Ironkeys or similar encrypted usb drives.
    I don’t keep any paper records at all.


  4. dustydog Says:

    Wonder if they sent the letters by Registered Mail.

  5. Gunnutmegger Says:


    Whenever you buy a gun here in CT, you have to fill out a form DPS-3-C, which has the purchaser’s name and all of the info about the gun. One copy of that form is sent to the state police.

    So, they don’t have to go to gun stores. They already have the info.

  6. rickn8or Says:

    Gunnutmegger, sounds like they already have registration too.

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