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New from Bison Armory: Forearm skins

Specs and presser here:

Bison Armory is proud to introduce its latest innovation to the tactical rifle market, the FOREARM SKIN (Patent Pending) – a flexible but rugged cover that quickly zips securely around the forearm (and any rails) of an AR-15 platform rifle. The Skin’s ballistic nylon and neoprene construction protects the forearm and rails from damage and provides the shooter with unparalleled comfort and utility in all conditions.


WHY A FOREARM SKIN? Anyone who has carried an AR-15 in the field knows the ‘joys’ of handling an aluminium forearm for hours on end. The metal gets cold in the morning, so you wear gloves, which inevitably make your hands sweat. Once in the sun, the forearm absorbs heat and slowly roasts your hands until you put your sweaty gloves back on. And if your forearm has picatinny rails, then it’s either gloves all day or hamburger hands. But gloves don’t protect your forearm and rails from damaging impacts and snags on your surroundings. And exposed metal has a way of going ‘clink’ at just the wrong time. The rail covers currently on the market attach to picatinny rails, so if you aren’t running rails, you’re out of luck. And you can forget about comfort in any case, since the covers are all made of hard polymers. They increase the number of edges and perforations that can snag, while leaving portions of the forearm unprotected and doing nothing to promote sound dampening.

Full disclosure, I’m own a very minor stake in Bison. Very minor or they’d be called Foreskins.

17 Responses to “New from Bison Armory: Forearm skins”

  1. Joel Says:

    If they catch on, they’ll end up being called Foreskins anyway. That’s what I saw when I first read the title.

  2. James Says:

    Yep – that’s the idea 😉 We couldn’t straight up call them “foreskins” from the outset though, because the google search results would be – ah – something less than relevant to what we are offering… So we took it as close to the line as we coulud without going over.

  3. Jerry Says:

    So, a Rabbi and a Bison Armory sales rep walk into a bar………

  4. LKP Says:


  5. Jdunmyer Says:

    Seems like we didn’t used to have a need for such accessories, we had, what did they call ’em? Oh yeah, WOOD stocks!

  6. Old NFO Says:

    +1 on Joel, I did the same thing… LOL

  7. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Just remember to roll it back when you clean your gun!

  8. Patrick H Says:

    So we need a tacticool covering for our tacticool accessory mounts?

  9. cspradlin Says:

    It’s not like “arm” is the only thing in another color and font (almost like an afterthought, hm…) in the sidebar ad or anything

  10. snoopycomputer Says:

    Oh dear, does this count as a Markley’s Law Monday?

  11. SD3 Says:

    Jeez-Louise. Next thing you know the Tacti-kools will be advocating Walnut stocks & foregrips.

  12. NotClauswitz Says:

    Now they just need a ribbed “holster” to contain them, something with a contoured grasping V-shaped lip? I could draw a picture but there’s already millions of pics…

  13. ShallNOTBeInfringed Says:

    Darn it! Still reading it as ‘foreskin arms’ even when I KNOW it’s bass ackwards.

  14. Sigivald Says:

    “Did you out-tactical yourself and get a useless aluminum forearm that is annoying?

    Add extra tactical with a cover for “sound protection”!”

    I guess “just use an A2 or M4 fore-end” is too tough and not tactical enough…

  15. Rivrdog Says:

    Or wrap bands of latigo or rawhide around that corncob forestock.

  16. Gerry Says:

    Can you add a rail to Bison Fore skins like a real operator?

  17. Geodkyt Says:

    Looks cool, but I would want a bris on mine, because I use an AFG.