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Ares Armor refused to give ATF a list of its customers. And also filed a restraining order against ATF.

7 Responses to “Ballsy”

  1. Paul Kisling Says:

    I wonder how the ATF is going to redefine receivers now? Who wants to bet they will say anything that can be made into a weapon receiver is now a receiver? That sounds like the kind of stupid shit they do.

  2. Jesse Says:

    Yeah, they will have to ban apples, because if you have the right specs and a grande apple, you can shave out lower receiver specs.

  3. SPQR Says:

    I think it was Tam that said that Home Depot had 99% Sten receivers in the plumbing aisle.

  4. mmasse Says:

    Looks like the ATF is compiling a list on who purchased 80% lowers. First EP armory and now Ares. I would not be surprised if other manufacturers are on this raid list.

  5. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    ATF breaks into Ares Armor in National City

  6. Linoge Says:

    I guess the good news is that 80% lowers can be sold/given away without any kind of paperwork or records as well (assuming, of course, you have not machined them into functional holsters).

    Guess we need to start making shell “companies” to buy up pallets of 80% lowers and sell them to folks.

  7. Phelps Says:

    Federal Judges Always Mean It.

    (Ken at Popehat.)