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Making the switch


I have carried all manner of different guns. Different sizes, different methods. And I’ve written about most of them.

I’ve changed methods because dressing for work changed. I’ve changed because something neat struck my fancy. I’ve changed because I realized that a 45 isn’t that much better than a 9mm. I’ve changed because I realized Wow, this is a really stupid way to carry a gun. And I’ve changed because I fucking can.

So, this is what I think will be the last method since it just works for me now. I had been carrying the M&P9C for a while. Finally settled on a Raven Concealment rig for it. Happily, I carried it for a while now. Then, one day, I said to myself Self, why are you carrying that compact? Try the fullsize.

So, I holstered up the M&P9 and switched the holster from OWB loops to IWB loops and I haven’t looked back. It’s not noticeably bigger and doesn’t weight much more. And I get a longer sight radius, better fit for my hand and 5 more rounds per magazine.

Every day, I carry a full size gun with a light and a laser on it and it’s not a problem. Here’s the rig:


So, if anyone wants a M&PC in 9mm with an Apex trigger system and RAM in it (plus a couple holsters), I’ll make a deal. Or trade it for another fullsize.

19 Responses to “Making the switch”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Interesting and timely that you’re posting this now. Are you carrying appendix or strong sided if I may ask?

    I’m considering doing the same thing in transitioning from an M&P40c in a Vanguard 2 to the M&P 40 full size in the same rig.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I carry at about 3:30

  3. Rob Reed Says:

    Interested in the package. Can you e mail me w price, etc


  4. SayUncle Says:


  5. Ted N Says:

    I’m interested as well, thanks.

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Giving Rob first dibs. If it doesn’t work out, you’re next.

  7. Dragon Says:

    Or you could, you know, just drop it off at my store when you’re close to / passing through Oak Ridge, and I can put it up on consignment for you. I get folks asking about the M&P Compact every so often, and can probably flip it for you rather quickly.

  8. Aisle24 Says:

    If only I had the courage to carry this.

  9. Sebastian Says:

    As long as it’s jacket weather, I’ve never had an issue concealing a Glock 19. I could probably do a 17 without trouble either. Now when it’s t-shirt weather, it gets a little harder, but I’ve done it without incident.

  10. LKP Says:

    ” And Ive changed because I fucking can.”
    Always works for me!

  11. Skip Says:

    My CZ-75 is a clone of a M&P40 and it is carried every day in one of Dennis’ Fugly’s under a t-shirt.
    No probs.

  12. Sebastian Says:

    My CZ-75 is a clone of a M&P40

    Say what again?

  13. Jay G. Says:

    Heh. I’ve been thinking about doing the very same thing with my Ruger SR9 compact.

    Especially considering that I’m carrying it with the 17-round full-size magazine anyways.

    Because I live in America now… 🙂

  14. Weer'd Beard Says:

    While I still like tossing a small but potent gun in my pocket (.357 in there right now) I did a similar thing with my 1911. I went from only carrying it 3 seasons and summer nights to all four seasons except when it is REALLY warm and the straps for my shoulder-rig get all hot and sweaty.

    There are certainly times when a small gun has its places, but really when I see people getting micro guns as their primary carry I wonder how much thought they’ve put into it.

    I certainly don’t see a lot of value in the mid-sized compacts like the M&Pc series, or the officer’s 1911s because with little effort you can step up to a bigger gun that will shoot better.

    That being said, my wife only carries small guns because she’s physically smaller than me, so this philosophy doesn’t apply to all.

  15. chris Says:

    I read this twice and don’t understand what you’re trying to sell.

    Is it a full-size or a more compact M & P?

    Is it 9mm or 45 acp?

  16. SayUncle Says:

    The c is the compact. Its for sale

  17. Geodkyt Says:

    Weerd — I’ve seen quite a few people get the subcompacts, because they wanted to buy a gun they could ALWAYS carry right off the bat, rather than a gun they couldn’t conceal a significant percentage of the time.

    Since the first rule of a gun fight is “have a gun”, it makes more sense (when you only have one carry gun in the budget for now) to buy the “always” gun first.

    I, of course, approached it from a shooter’s POV, and am working backwards — first a 4″ .357, then a Commander, then a PPK sized gun, etc. {grin} Next carry gun purchase is going to be an LCP, to fill the “well, if dressed, I can hide THIS” hole I’ve had since had a brief flirtation with a Baby Browning way back when.

  18. Patrick Says:

    I’ve started carrying a Glock 23, instead of the smaller 27. I’m not a big guy, but unless I’m in a t-shirt you cannot tell. And even then, you’d have to know what to look for.

    And generally I don’t care if you can tell, anyway. There are only a few places where I really want to keep the gun private, and that’s when the mouse guns come out.

  19. M Gallo Says:

    I’m 5’9″ 165lbs and a FS M&P is no trouble at all to conceal, OWB Kydex at 3:00 with a spare mag at 9:00. I just look a little wide in a t-shirt.

    Regarding which gun to get first, I’d say get a mid or full size, decide if you can shoot it well (or need to try a different make/model), then try to move down to the subcompact if you find you won’t carry the larger frame. I was teaching my dad last night, and my sister convinced him to start with her old off-duty carry piece – a G27. It was a horrible idea; his hands are very large, and it is difficult for him to grip properly, or perform manipulations, especially when he doesn’t know how to perform them on a gun that fits. Plus hisw thumb is about touching the muzzle with a proper grip – not good to start someone who hasn’t shot except in Boy Scouts how to not muzzle yourself with such an easy gun to point at your support hand when establishing grip. I think we’re going to try to find an M&P with a thumb safety for him, or maybe I’ll lend him my H&K or something.

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