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Knife Rights

The bill removing the prohibition on automatic unfolding knives cleared the senate. On to the house. Summary here.

7 Responses to “Knife Rights”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Excellent. Also the blade length restriction removal, that’s almost more useful.

    I still want someone to get off their butt and make a “Switchblade law repeal” and “Knife Preemption” gif like the various gun rights and carry law ones for the Kniferights page.

    Cause right up front? Too hard for me. 🙂

  2. Linoge Says:

    Bah. Tennessee is really making me regret leaving these days…

    My understanding is that the length law was never really enforced, but was instead used as a tack-on charge for other crimes. However, if that really is the case, it needs to go the way of the Dodo and fast. Good to see they are working on that :).

  3. mikee Says:

    Here in TX the knife laws prohibit carry in public of specific items like swords, spears, and of course daggers, “including but not limited to a dirk, stiletto, and poniard” plus of course the Bowie knife (which goes undefined in code but which for one case a century ago included a butcher’s cleaver, because judges in Texas know that knife attacks using cleavers aren’t to be encouraged).

    I am not sure what a poniard is, but some legislator must have had a bad experience here in TX with one at some point (pun intended).

  4. HL Says:

    Didn’t the switchblade piece in TN fail last year when some lunatic Sheriff’s association member testified that the sound of a switchblade opening had the same primal affect that as a pump shotgun being chambered?

    That is what they base their logic on…the scary sound something makes.

  5. Crawler Says:

    I’m certainly no knife expert, but I carry a Benchmade with a button on the blade that I can open at, or very near, “switchblade” speed.

    It’s a silly existing law and it should be thrown back into the leftist trash heap where it came from.

  6. ThomasD Says:

    Agreed Crawler, mine either have a button on the blade or a flipper blade. Honestly, given the unfailing nature of the flipper I’m not sure I’d even ‘upgrade’ to a full automatic, given that a decent quality one is less reliable at three times the price.

    But the law is stupid and outmoded to the point of being both ineffective and arbitrary.

  7. KM Says:

    Interesting that how one opens a folding knife is *almost* more important than what one does with it.

    I wish other states would copy/paste Arizona knife laws so I could quit pulling my hair out trying to comply with multiple jurisdictions twisted panties.