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New scanner can detect 3D printed weapons

4 Responses to “Technology”

  1. Jeff Powell Says:

    So dumb….

    Also I am pretty sure that the radio waves are reflected regardless back even if a 3D printed weapon is not present. (unless otherwise absorbed)

    Using sophisticated signal processing the scanner sends a beam of radio waves into a crowd where they’re reflected back if a 3D printed weapon is detected.

  2. divemedic Says:

    I’m guessing that the returns are analyzed to see if any weapon-like shapes are present. Make your 3D weapon look like a cell phone, a child’s toy, or any shape that isn’t pistol like in appearance, and this thing is useless.

  3. Toastrider Says:

    Ahahaha, ‘artificial intelligence algorithms’… oh boy. Insert link to TVTropes article on ‘Artificial Stupidity’ here.

  4. mikee Says:

    This is going to affect sales of aluminized Mylar undergarments, unless I miss my guess.

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