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You can’t live off the grid, we need you on it

I guess for control. Florida city is going after a woman who uses solar and collects rainwater instead of relying on utility providers.

7 Responses to “You can’t live off the grid, we need you on it”

  1. jefferson101 Says:

    It all comes down to money. You can argue that it all comes down to payment for services, in some respects. She was using the City Sewer system, and if she’s not hooked up to the water, she wasn’t getting billed, because the sewer bill is typically a part of the water bill.

    I can see the City’s point at one level. If one person does it, it really doesn’t mean much, but if a thousand were to do so? Who is going to end up with their water and sewer bills going way up? So there is that.

    Otherwise, it does sound like they are picking about a pound of fly crap out of that 4oz can of pepper, but if you are somewhere that they have Zoning laws, you are going to have to deal with that kind of thing. Going “off the grid” in town seems to me to be a bit of a contradiction anyway, but that’s me.

  2. Barton Long Says:

    She also a long history of financial fraud and bad faith business history…so maybe she is just trying to cheat the system and not so much make a statement about living off the grid. Paying for the water connection and system is more than just drinking water-it protects against disease (cholera is contagious after all) and the fire fighters she depends on aren’t real effective without that water supply.

  3. JKB Says:

    2. Are you sure she has that history? Read the early post on covert agents. The police/government does this all the time. If they go after someone, suddenly there is a lot of PR defaming the person. Can’t really trust such releases.

    The public utilities need a captive “public”, i.e., customers to pay off. Why do you think they run conservation campaigns, then, when people cut back, they approve a rate increase?

  4. Hartley Says:

    Well, PRB, she was apparently convicted of larceny in 2011 (pled “no contest”) and had her real estate license revoked after several complaints of improper use of customer funds. Hard to be sure, but making up stuff like that and spreading it around would be a problem for whoever said it if she has a lawyer.
    And Barton has correctly identified the public-health reasons for mandating municipal water-system use (tho I don’t think the fire department plans on using your water hookup).

  5. NotClauswitz Says:

    F-that sh*t, in Droughtland I’m collecting rainwater and the “Irrigation District” can suck chrome off a bumper. Today was a BIG, rainy day – just a few tenths of an inch can fill a 60-gal. barrel.

  6. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Didn’t we just recently have a page that included methods of discrediting enemies of the state?

  7. Barton Long Says:

    The fire department isn’t going to use your 3/4″ water line for firefighting, but the same system supplies the mains that do feed the fire hydrants-it is all one system, all clean and safe and remarkably cheap.