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Like you and me, only better

Illegally and intentionally modify your weapon so that it becomes an NFA weapon and you’re a police officer: It’s OK. Just change it back and fill out the paperwork next time:

A former state Department of Justice drug agent accused his colleagues last year of illegally modifying their state-issued rifles, according to emails the agency released Thursday.

The Associated Press obtained the emails through an open records request for materials related to former Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Dan Bethards. DOJ fired Bethards in October after he accused his supervisor of weapons violations.

Bethards wrote in a January 2013 email to DCI Administrator Dave Matthews that multiple agents were shortening the barrels on their state-issued and personal rifles without registering the modifications with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Bethards didn’t name any agents but alleged multiple agents were guilty of federal felonies.

DOJ spokeswoman Dana Brueck said the ATF investigated the allegations and determined one weapon had been improperly modified. The gun was reconfigured to conform with ATF regulations and no one was disciplined, she said.

Illegally and intentionally modify your weapon so that it becomes an NFA weapon and you’re NOT a police officer: You’re going to jail.

2 Responses to “Like you and me, only better”

  1. Mu Says:

    I wonder if you can claim that “good faith” exemption in your own defense.

  2. Karl Says:

    Wasn’t some lady shot in the head while holding her child because her husband was suspected of having a short barrel without the NFA approval?

    So three possible outcomes, right?
    1) slap on wrist,
    2) jail,
    3) your wife gets shot in the head.

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