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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Rep. Carlos Henriquez is in jail for domestic violence. I was not shocked at all to learn he supported Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

12 Responses to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    Why is there no “You’re outta here” law that immediately kicks out of office any politician who is convicted of a crime? And in this case especially when it’s a felony (unless I’m very much mistaken)? A phone call would be made to his or her opposite number in the last election “Want a job? Don’t fuck it up.”

  2. AvgMan Says:

    You have it all wrong, they’re against guns, not violence.

  3. The Jack Says:

    No no, they’re against guns in the hands of the proles.

    The favored and their arms-men would be armed as a matter of course.

  4. Bruce Says:

    Anti-gun activists are violent because they’ve never actually had to put their life on the line. A lifetime of victimhood has not prepared them for the very real possibility that they could kill someone/something. When that actually hits home, it’s very sobering. A surprisingly large part of the population doesn’t get it.

  5. Zermoid Says:

    I personally think these kind of people KNOW how violent they are and how likely they are to cause serious injury or the death of others and assume all people are as violent and uncontrolled as they are.
    Hence they fear people like themselves having access to firearms.

  6. Granny Grunch Says:

    You know there is something wrong with people who have an irrational and illogical fear/hatred of guns and people with guns. Here we have the perfect example. Hate guns…likes to beat wife

  7. Kristophr Says:

    Help end domestic violence:

    Disarm registered Democrats.

  8. MolonLabe Says:

    For a lot of anti-gun activists, you will find Psychological Projection at the core of their reasoning.

    Arm the teachers? They’ll start shooting kids for not doing their homework!

    Conceal carry? Road rage will lead to gunfights!

    Why do they say these stupid things? Because that is how they fear they will react if they ever started carrying a gun. So they assume normal people act that way, too.

  9. Trost Osler Says:

    When Barbara Boxer was Mayor of San Francisco, only one person received a carry permit: herself.

  10. Rob Crawford Says:

    No one who says “hand over your weapons” has good intentions. They clearly intend to commit some act they expect you to resist, and to resist with violence. The call to disarm is for THEIR benefit, not yours.

  11. Dean Coronado Says:

    Good responses from everyone, especially the projection stuff haha.

    Although I’m very pro-gun, I don’t know that other pro-gun folks aren’t just as violent. But…that being said, here’s San Francisco’s (reinstated) Sheriff Mirkarimi, a known anti-gun supporter, who was charged with domestic abuse:

  12. Dean Coronado Says:

    My mistake, I don’t know how to edit comments on here. Here is the link I meant to post:

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