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Et Tu Angry Birds?

Per Snowden, NSA uses unsafe apps to snoop on your phone.

One Response to “Et Tu Angry Birds?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Angry Birds (or any popular tool/toy/app) sends user data back and forth. Of course anyone interested in that would look at it – especially if sent using the equivalent of an open post card.

    I am surprised they are not encrypting this now. All those users are worth money (advertising, etc.). Sending this stuff open on the wild, wild web is just begging for someone to snarf up good chunks of it for commercial gain. A rival firm could easily build a databse of potential users (or habits of app users) without spending the time to actually make something someone wants.

    The only special thing about the NSA scenario is that they NSA is doing it under color of law, and at a scale that makes the boiler-room operator significantly jealous.

    If it ain’t encrypted (strongly and carefully), then it ain’t protected. You might as well publish it on the bathroom wall, for all the good that EULA privacy statement gives you.

    My hope is this results in encryption becoming the default for everything. Google and Yahoo are now starting to encrypt data between their own machines, between their own networks, because of these disclosures. The irony here is the NSA might actually cause the security of all things digital (games, etc.) to get that much better because everyone found out just how vulnerable things are by virtue of NSA’s willingness to exploit anything they find insecure.