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The .416 Hushpuppy

It’s a funny looking little round. More here.

7 Responses to “The .416 Hushpuppy”

  1. Stuart the Viking Says:

    Finally a round that is expressly designed to shoot your neighbor’s noisy dogs!


  2. Dave Says:

    Is it April 1st already?

  3. Precision270 Says:

    looks like a .357 sig on steroids.

  4. Paul Kisling Says:

    .458 Socom does this.

  5. Lyle Says:

    What a couple of the most annoying web pages ever. The first dosn’t list any numbers, and the second appears to list them but flashes them by your face so you cant read them.

    Anyway, we seem to be going back to early black powder cartridge ballistics, but in a smaller, smokeless package in a repeater. I was looking at round ball loads for twelve gauge shotshells the other day. What is old is new again.

  6. mikee Says:

    Big, heavy, slow rounds never really went away in private use.

    That a big heavy round at slow speeds still had good “Knock Down Power” or “One Shot Stop Capability” without the uncontrollable recoil of the .44 Magnum was the whole reason for the 1911 in .45ACP back in the days of the Wondernine fad, when I initially got involved in shooting.

    And a 1970s college roommate, who did Civil War re-enacting with black powder muskets, was awed by the destruction wrought by Minie balls when fired at targets like watermelons or water jugs.

  7. Bob H Says:

    Lyle, run your pointer under the pics. A control bar will pop up allowing you to stop, start slow, or speed up the pics.

    It appears to slightly better ballistics than the SOCOM round, but the chart seems to indicate that if you zero for 150 yards, your drop is 15″+ at 200 yards.