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Bleg: Carrot Juice

The wife started some hippie diet and it said she should drink some sort of carrot juice smoothie concoction. This concoction apparently tasted like warmed over donkey butt.

So, I have about 2 gallons of carrot juice I need to use.


24 Responses to “Bleg: Carrot Juice”

  1. BGMiller Says:

    Use it as the beginnings of stock for a hearty stew.

    Fill water balloons with it and wait for a hippie to walk by.

    Use as a mixer for vodka. Call it a Bugs Bunny.


  2. Benjamin Warren Says:

    Got a flowerbed? Or at least some patches of lawn that need fertilizing?

  3. Paul Kisling Says:

    1 part carrot juice
    1 part v-8 juice
    1 part Zubrowka Vodka!

    Salt and Pepper to taste…

  4. nk Says:

    I found this: But do you want to be “that person”?

  5. Ken in NH Says:

    Well, if the dogs won’t drink it…

  6. Billll Says:

    Mixer supplement in a Bloody Mary?

  7. USCitizen Says:

    I hear that carrot juice is good as a stainless steel polish … so, buy a DeLorean?

  8. HL Says:

    Ballistics tests!

  9. Sebastian Says:

    You can ferment just about anything! You just need a little malted barley in the mash to do the starch to sugar conversion.

  10. Trevor Says:

    Chill is to ice cold, then chug it. It’s good for you. It’s damn near impossible to drink warm, though. Mix 50/50 with V8 if you must, but the juice being ice cold is really the key.

  11. brewerbob Says:

    Give it to the donkey …

  12. Precision270 Says:

    next time peel the carrots first. It will reduce that donkey crap flavor. Ice cold is a flavor changer for sure. Think warm Budweiser.

    Mix it 50 /50 with OJ.

    mix it 50 / 50 with bubbly water to make a glazing sauce for carrots Vichy.

    Use it for hippy bait. Oh wait can you bait for hippies in your state?

  13. Crunkomatic Says:

    Use it as a base for your own hot sauce.

  14. Gerry Says:

    Buy a 50 pound rabbit

  15. Stuart the Viking Says:

    I second the mix it with OJ. Although I would go with a much lower carrot juice content than 50/50.

    The stock idea is probably not a bad one, but I don’t have direct experience there.


  16. AndyN Says:

    Mix it in with your compost.

  17. Hammerbach Says:

    Ferment it. Not unprecedented –

  18. CaptDMO Says:

    Make 50 tiny little snowmen.
    Dye them with diluted carrot juice.
    Call them minions.

  19. Frank Says:

    Down the toilet.

  20. J.S.Bridges Says:

    Assemble the following ingredients/equipment/personnel:

    1 Quart Maker’s Mark or similar high-grade genuine Bourbon whiskey (some have obtained good results with Wild Turkey; Jim Beam, however, doesn’t likely make the cut)

    1 Quart Grey Goose vodka (Smirnoff’s will do in a pinch, probably – no back-shelf specials allowed, though.)

    1 Quart (or possibly two Quarts) top-grade single-malt Scotch whisky

    1 Quart (more-or-less – mostly more) top-quality Schnapps (avoid the flavored-like-fruit, caramel, etc. types)

    Your (previously-mentioned) 2 Gallons of carrot juice

    One – or possibly you’ll need two – very large punchbowl (a small child’s wading pool can be substituted if necessary – though, the ambiance will suffer a bit)

    As many adult friends/relatives/neighbors as will fit into your living room/dining room (combined) or your basement rec room (if you have one) or your double-car garage – or even a friendly neighbor’s double-car garage.

    Proceed as follows:

    1)Combine all of the first four (4) ingredients carefully in the very large punchbowl(s)/small child’s wading pool. (Don’t spill any of it – this is, after all, high-grade stuff)

    2)Stir the result carefully to fully combine.

    3)Hand out small-sized paper cups, one to each person present (Don’t forget yourself!)

    4)Stand the container(s) of carrot juice next to the very large punch bowl(s)/small child’s wading pool

    5)Encourage all present to file ceremoniously past the very large punchbowl(s)/small child’s wading pool, dipping their cups carefully into the contents/mixture and draining the scooped-up contents into their mouths, saluting the carrot juice container(s) as they do so (Some may wish to make some sort of appropriate remark; that is permissible, but make certain they keep it brief – there is, after all, a line behind them)

    6)When the very large punchbowl(s)/small child’s wading pool is empty (My, that happened pretty quickly, right?), with the aid of several volunteers (the ones who can still walk, preferably), carry the container(s) of carrot juice out to the nearest street and empty the contents into the gutter (Carefully – that stuff’ll stain something fierce if it gets on you)

    7)Bid all participants a fond (if slightly garbled) farewell, and go inside to rest from your labors.

    You will have given the carrot juice the usage it richly deserves, and you will be guaranteed to be one of the most popular people in your community – right up there with Santa Claus and the postman who delivers the welfare checks.

    There’s a very good reason for that “warmed-over donkey butt” effect – Hint: carrot juice has a LOT to do with it. 😉

  21. J.S.Bridges Says:

    BTW – that recipe is not only “scalable”, it is readily “repeatable” – although, at some point, “affordable” could become a bit of a problem…

    Take care.

  22. SayUncle Says:


  23. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Mix a bottle of Everclear in and use a beer bong. The horror will pass before you taste anything, and hopefully by then you won’t care so much.

  24. Snackeater Says:

    Deploy at range as targets. Record event with smartphone. Post.

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