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Call your congressmen

A subgun poster noted that he contacted his senator to ask about NFA wait times, which have increased dramatically since Obama became president. Targeting those bitter-clingers and all. Anyhoo, the Senator says that it was because of the sequester. This sounds like bullshit to me. If I ran a joint that could make $200 doing a NICS and stamping a piece of paper, I’d be loaded. Of course, in my experience, ATF cashes the check right away. The approval comes later.

But the ATF seems to have blown off the good senator. So, I think we should all probably contact our senators and congressmen and ask them to inquire of the ATF about this.

9 Responses to “Call your congressmen”

  1. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    I have an offer exclusively for those interlopers who cruise by here just to see who responds to your posts. I will hand stam “Gun Free Zone” certificates for anybody afraid of guns. $100, a bargain at half the price of the ATF.

  2. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    *hand STAMP

  3. aerodawg Says:

    That answer is 100% unmitigated bullshit. Wait times were running 4-6 months before Barack. Since he hit office they’ve jumped up to a year+ last I checked.

  4. McThag Says:

    Like all things, it’s multifaceted.

    The ATF isn’t allowed the $200 per stamp for it’s budget directly; it goes into the general fund.

    Applications have spiked dramatically in the past ten years.

    There aren’t that many examiners and there have been numerous hiring freezes even while some of them retired. This might be where the sequester had an effect, but it’s not the first hiring freeze since I started paying attention to NFA.

    Because there’s no requirement in any law for applications to be completed in a set time frame, where’s ATF’s incentive to speed up the process? In all likelihood, this is the system running as intended by the people who created it.

    Our congress critters don’t care about NFA because there’s no NFA-NRA. The NRA hasn’t really addressed it (and to be fair they’ve been busy with other things).

  5. JFT Says:

    I bought my can in 2010. Here’s how it went down for me:
    Form 4 Completed 5-11-10.
    Sheriff signed off on 5-18-10 (no need for a trust in my area–yet), and it may have taken me a couple days to get it to him.
    Form 4 singed and sent off by dealer 5-20-10.
    Stamped on 9-17-10 a day after the dealer (small dealer selling suppressors as a sideline business) calls and asks ATF if there is a problem with his forms since he hasn’t had anything clear in over two months. Gets more than 20 approved forms a few days after that. Not sure how long it would have been had he not called in.

  6. Kristophr Says:

    My notion:

    Remove the LEO signature requirement. Remove the background check requirement.

    Getting a $200 postage sticker from the post office, and slapping it on the front of a filled out form 1 or form 4 should be enough proof that you have paid the tax.

    Lose the form? Go buy another $200 sticker.

  7. Nick Says:

    That’s complete crap, it may have gone up since then but I had two form 1s that came back before sequestration and they took 8+ months.

  8. Jim W Says:

    I got a can in exactly 6 months in May 2013 (filed November 2012), which was during the height of Obama’s anti-gun shenanigans.

    I’m in FL, which has (IIRC) one or two examiners who only do FL forms. I know some states have to share examiners with other states due to a typically lower volume of requests.

    If a state which shares a single examiner with other states experienced a sudden surge in NFA interest, a pretty significant regional backlog might develop as a result.

  9. Michael Says:

    Sequester? Seriously? Doesn’t he know how to operate a calendar?

    It is amazing how much the talking points have overruled any sort of cognitive function over on the left.