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What media bias?

You’d think Chris Christie had personally executed a bunch of people based on the press coverage of Bridgeghazi. Fast and furious? Little coverage. IRS targeting Obama’s political enemies? Crickets. Benghazi? Youtube video. Obamacare? Shhh. Solyndra. Meh. I could go on. I’m no fan of Christie but, man, our press sucks.

22 Responses to “What media bias?”

  1. Adam Lawson Says:

    My reaction to this story went as follows:

    “Great, now maybe he won’t have a chance.

    … They’re still talking about this? Really?”

  2. Paul B Says:

    Yep. Anything the GOP does is the crime of the century. OBama could open up on a sitting house of congress with an UZI and we would not even hear a peep.

  3. deadcenter Says:

    The more they talk about Christie, the less time they have to talk about Obama. It’s a feature, not a bug. That it’s an actual abuse-of-power type scandal, directly attributable to a Republican (RINO or not), rather than something they either made up or dredged up from the past is just a bonus.

  4. Veeshir Says:

    The more they talk about Christie, the less time they have to talk about Obama.

    And Bingo was his name-o.

    The funniest part, for me, is that Christie is the man most like to lose the election as conservatives and libertarians stay home in droves.

    Eh, there’s still Jeb Bush I guess.

  5. nk Says:

    Lenin called them “momentary interests”, but being stuck in traffic for four hours is one of the things that hits people close to home. The other thing is, that it is a “small” thing. In the sense of petty. Like keying somebody’s car because he took your parking spot. People understand pettiness, too. They often consider themselves the victim of it, and even if they practice it themselves they don’t like it or admire it.

  6. 1 With A Bullet Says:

    What’s really irritating is that by calling it Bridgeghazi they acknowledge that Benghazi is a scandal; the same scandal they attempted to sweep under the rug. Furthermore it’s insulting to the memory of those who perished.

  7. Crotalus Says:

    We don’t have media anymore; we have a Communist propaganda corps.

  8. lucusloc Says:

    Ditto to Crotalus. Also as a true conservative Cristy is not even in the running for me. I tried the whole “anyone but a democrat” with Romny, and honestly I now think it was a dumb move. I’d rather let a socialist get voted in than a socialist wearing my teams colors. When the world burns from their policies I don’t want them pointing at conservatives because the guy in charge had an “R” next to his name. I want them to know who burned everything down, so that means making sure he is wearing the appropriate colors. I will not vote for any more compromises. I want a real conservative. (and yes I know, “no perfect candidate,” when I say “no compromises” i mean big compromises in principles, not little ones in policy.)

  9. NotClauswitz Says:

    It’s not “our” press, and hasn’t been for a while.

  10. Tam Says:


  11. Windy Wilson Says:

    This is the first place I’ve read “Bridgegazi”. I’ve seen “Bridgegate”, which is a different reference entirely. The press is doing its best to shove this front and center and shove Fast and Furious, the IRS audits, and Benghazi down the Memory holes.

  12. Gerry Says:

    Christie should just say “What difference does it make?”

    Worked for Hillary.

  13. Standard Mischief Says:

    So who’s going to be the maverick moderate bipartition decent-yet-still-has-an-(R)-behind-their-name guy that’s going to win the Republican nomination this time despite being lousy on the RKBA?

    The author of Romney-care and I are both wondering why the media decided to turn rabid now, before he wins the nomination. Maybe he has time to rehabilitate his image or something.

  14. Crawler Says:

    I’m pretty sure that “Freedom of the Press” was never envisioned by the Founders & Framers of America as giving a few powerful and select ideologists in today’s media carte blanche to conspire, mislead, misdirect and downright lie to the American people for political gains.

    “Opinionism” replaced journalism in America a long time ago.

    Even Thomas Jefferson once quipped that the only truths in media (newspapers in his time) were the advertisements…

  15. comatus Says:

    Jefferson’s money-quote on this was “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”

    Although the papers on Jefferson’s side did so much to further the invention of tinfoil that Jefferson’s only defense was to deny any involvement. Like you-know-who.

  16. John Smith Says:

    What nobody is talking about is how easy it was for his people to get traffic snarled. That implies that this trick has been used before.

  17. Matthew Carberry Says:

    It does provide a snark-portunity. Christie claimed, like the d3ar leader, he was unaware of it but at least he actually fired the aide he said was responsible instead of promoting them.

  18. Rivrdog Says:

    @lucusloc gets it. His program needs more support. In my County (Multnomah in OR), the vast yawns of conservatives aimed at the RINO leadership hereabouts will lower the barometric pressure faster than one of our Pacific winter storms.

  19. Tam Says:

    John Smith,

    That implies that this trick has been used before.

    In _New Jersey_? No!

  20. CaptDMO Says:

    No IMMEDIATE criminal arrests?
    No “plan” to atone and pay “the public” back?
    Talk is cheap.

  21. Cargosquid Says:

    I love that Christie stated the he fired her for LYING TO HIM. NOT for the abuse of power. And that while he had only learned about it the day before, after his “workout,” he had lost sleep over it for TWO nights.

    His act is weak. If he wants to be President, he needs to lie better.

    OR….he can run as a Democrat. THAT would kill Hillary’s chances.

  22. Ron W Says:

    “Bridgegate” is the tired, old hearkening back to the burglary of a private office. “Bridgazi” is much more apt….except it’s not even close to allowing 4 people to die on duty by withholding any help against an armed attack.