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Glock 42

A single stack .380. Maybe. I’m still figuring a single stack 9mm is somewhere in the mix.

5 Responses to “Glock 42”

  1. CaptDMO Says:

    I’m fairly happy with a Berretta Cheetah.
    But it has this one “oh CRAP” spring…

  2. Critter Says:

    bout what i need: another step along the road of “oh crap, i’m up to me arse in tiny .380’s”.

  3. HSR47 Says:

    So it looks like they’re channeling Diamondback….

  4. Paul Says:


    Just slim down the Glock 26 gang… it ain’t that hard to do. There is a Glock SF .45 and 10mm, so I don’t know why they just slim down the 26 some.

    Sure don’t need a .380 unless they intend on making a LCP size Glock.

  5. Hartley Says:

    A single-stack .380 that’s still .8 inches thick? Why? The proportions look exactly like a G30, but it’s .2 thinner, an inch shorter overall and an inch less tall – small, but not pocket-sized. About the same as a PPK/S, incidentally.

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