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My word, there’s a gay gun nut

Apparently, some shooter I’ve not heard of who won a show I don’t watch has come out as gay. I’m betting it was harder to come out to the google folks you used to work for and Californians as a gun guy than coming out gay to gun folks.

Good for you. Be who you are. But it’s not like gay gun owners are anything that new.

6 Responses to “My word, there’s a gay gun nut”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Gay gun guys and gals are all over. They are lead plaintiffs in gun cases and help run some of the state groups out there. They are well respected members of our gun forums.

    I have a friend – Julia – who is marrying her girlfriend here in Maryland this year. The same girlfriend who once shot in amateur competitive matches until a disability destroyed most of her eyesight. The girlfriend cornered me at a party I held and desperately wants me to teach Julia how to shoot, so that she can enjoy the sport the way she used to.

    I had plenty of shooting people at the party, and not one even raised an eye about the ladies future nuptials. Just the typical gags about getting married that we drop on every sucker who falls into the trap.

    From a tolerance standpoint, I suspect we have fewer issues with “the other” than the progressives.

  2. mikee Says:

    Once the Democrat gay gun guys stopped calling the Tea Party a homophobic epithet, we all got along just fine.

  3. Brad Says:

    I bet the most grief Cheng gets is from the PC police, not for being gay, but for bolstering the effeminate asian-american male stereotype.

    Apparently it’s a thing.

    (Not that I think Cheng, asians, or gays are effeminate)

  4. tincankilla Says:

    i think y’all are missing the moment of advantage this gives the 2A community. in the race to say “no big deal” you forget to realize that the stereotype of gun owners as racist, sexist, antigay old white guys is what most people think of when they think gun owner. It is a weakness of the “2A brand” – one that we can overcome by putting guys like Chris out front.

    If anything, the traditionally marginalized groups of americans could be an amazing support for 2A initiatives.

  5. Davidwhitewolf Says:

    I’ve met Chris and he’s not effeminate, whatever that stereotype. Most gays I’ve met are not effeminate at all, either.

    (On that point, my best man was straight and Thai and one of the toughest guys I’ve met; some of his Thai mannerisms may be interpreted as effeminate in the West, but you wouldn’t want to say that to his face.)

  6. Precision270 Says:

    Ok, so let me get this right.
    The dude is a good shot and now makes money as a pro shooter – good for him
    the dude is a dude who is in love with another dude – good for him – love is a difficult thing to find

    I am more worried about his willingness to do an interview with Recoil magazine than what he does in his bedroom.