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@ScottALewis : I’m a gun owner butt . . .

So, here’s this letter from a supposed gun guy in a TN paper. It touts the Newtown changed things and background checks to loan your family members a gun*. Except I’m guessing Scott Lewis is not a gun owner. Here’s his twitter page with all manner of Moms Demand You Shut Up And Let Them Have A Conversation. He’s also with OFA.

I’m betting the number of guns he owns is roughly zero.

Man, they can’t even buy good astroturf these days.

Via reader Oakenheart.

* What do you think universal background checks mean?

4 Responses to “@ScottALewis : I’m a gun owner butt . . .”

  1. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    Of course Scott… Business as usual. You have to lie to support your claims. “Does that mean we should just give up?” Well, if you mean give up on trying to save the lives of innocent victims… No. But if you mean passing legislation that will save as many lives (or more) equal to the number of guns you likely own… Yes. Passing something just to pass it, to say you tried, even though it does not work and has proven not to work every time… Well that’s just fuckery.


  2. KevinM Says:

    We have bigger idiots (and better chili) in Texas:

  3. KevinM Says:

  4. Patrick Says:

    His Twitter page disappeared.

    @KevinM: This is happening nationwide. There is a coordinated campaign to use letters to editors to get the advertising out, so to make it look like “neighborhood action”.

    It’s AstroTurf all the way down.