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Only mostly dead

A year after Newtown, gun control is basically dead.

I might be worried about his job too.

7 Responses to “Only mostly dead”

  1. ShallNOTBeInfringed Says:

    Chicken counting should not commence just yet….

  2. SD3 Says:

    If I have learned *anything* about “progressives” in my lifetime, it is this:
    They will never, despite endless failure, nor under any circumstance, give up on ANY agenda item, whatsoever, regardless of how ridiculous or destructive it is.

    Carbon credits, Obamacare, compulsory union membership, punishing success, redistribution, school curricula, raising taxes, food stamps, you name it.

    If it smells, tastes, feels, or looks like sh!t, they’ll want more of it.

  3. mikee Says:

    Gun control dead?

    CO and NY have laws that force confiscation of firearms. These laws will take years to remove via courts, and those state legislatures aren’t retreating on their desire for still more onerous laws, despite recalls in CO.

    While loosening restrictions now has about a 2:1 rate over tightening them in state legislatures, that rate will have to be maintained for decades to recover the US to the position it was in back 30 years ago, and there is essentially zero movement towards any repeal of the 1986 gun laws, let alone those of 1968 or 1934.

    Gun control still has a pretty good one-way legislative ratchet going, and it will take a huge effort to stop that “progress” let alone reverse it.

    This year, this time, this season, this legislative session, gun control failed to get as much as it wanted.

    The same bills will be submitted next year, next time, next season, next session. And the one after that, and the one after that, ad infinitum.

    Where is the movement to repeat their current gains, let alone their past gains?

  4. RAH Says:

    Gun Control is an effort to control people . To make people dependent for their very lives on the state. It will never stop. They just wait for the next emotional event to get the masses to think it is a good idea to take our guns.

    I read more comments that espoused this this year then I did when Columbine happened. They are more vitrolic now. They are willing for gun owners to be imprisoned or killed. They do not care about the loss of life even for LEOS.

  5. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Back 30 years? You mean back when you could count shall-issue states on two hands and the only “Con Carry” state was Vermont due to a ruling by their Supreme Court from 1906? When suppressors were illegal for hunting almost everywhere? When Illinois wasn’t the only “no issue” state?

    The -only- way pre-’86 was “better” than now on a national level by any real metric was the FA registry wasn’t closed. That’s it.

    We have done nothing but gain in terms of growth of the gun culture in every demographic via expanding carry rights and loosening restrictions, including such an increase in NFA interest (suppressors) so as to overwhelm the existing processing capabilities of the ATFE.

    That California and the usual East Coast suspects stayed as anti-gun as they were, but moreso, is no more a surprise than that water stays wet.

    There is in fact serious push-back in CO and NY, and a large part of the crackdown in the may-issue states is due to their own populations seeking to exercise their rights. They are tightening their grip as their previously compliant constituents start to slip through their fingers.

  6. mariner Says:

    Gun control is never dead; it’s undead.

  7. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    I celebrated the ‘anniversary’ by ordering more G17 mags from Lucky Gunner. I saw the press ramp-up and immediately decided to act in favor of pissing off those who would restrict personal freedom in favor of the illusion of temporary safety. Oddly enough, the morning of – and certainly without any notice – the incident celebrated today by those who gleefully dance in the blood of innocents, I had ordered a boatload of PMags and various SIG & Ruger pistol mags. Little did I know then that I would be unable to do so again for quite some many months.

    Any freedom-loving individual who rests during this seemingly quiet time is deluding themselves.

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