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So, you found an old NFA weapon

And dealing with the law.

2 Responses to “So, you found an old NFA weapon”

  1. yji Says:

    on a somewhat related note,

    I watched an old Remingtion video online from the 60’s and one of their designers had a test range at his house.

    He shot from a shack with a bench rest inside on his 100yard range but what was interesting was that he shot through a tube constructed of old car tires (for the first 30′ or so) that was connected to the shack and suspended from what looked like a few children’s swing sets.

    The purpose of the tires was never addressed in the video but i would imagine it was to mitigate the report of the rifle.

    My question would be, would this tire tube require a $200 tax stamp to constructed legally?

  2. mikee Says:

    Quick guess: of course yes!

    I wonder if the person who bought his house, and likely inherited the “swing sets” out back, is also liable for ownership of an unregistered suppressor.

    However, by that logic the indoor gun ranges across the US are also liable to be seen by ATF as immobile sound suppressors for firearms, so let’s hope I’m wrong.