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NRA sues SF

Over magazine ban. NRA has a good record against SF.

One Response to “NRA sues SF”

  1. mikee Says:

    Death by a thousand cuts, with heinous laws passed in CA, CO, NJ, NY and other states dominated by Democrat legislatures, is one way to win the war against the rights of gun ownership and self defense.

    SYG and Castle Doctrine laws are also under assault in legislatures.

    When it takes about a week and only taxpayer money to pass atrocious laws, and years plus millions in donated dollars to get them repealed in courts, the balance shifts to the anti-gunners’ side of the dynamic equilibrium of rights versus laws.

    And every dollar spent fighting these annoying laws is a dollar not spent on expanding rights.

    There has to be a better way of succeeding in supporting rights than fighting against a guerrilla insurgency’s incursions against rights, while leaving the insurgency itself and its supporters without a scratch on them.

    How does one destroy the insurgency against gun rights?