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Functional .22 Cal Steampunk Gatling Gun

Well, OK then:

Via The Feral One

5 Responses to “Functional .22 Cal Steampunk Gatling Gun”

  1. Unknown Says:

    The fact that the barrels rotate completely separately from the gun’s action makes me a tad suspicious, although it seems like they line up right at least for the test.

  2. John Says:

    My guess is the rotating barrels are just for show and the real barrel is located in the center of them.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    I’d be a lot happier without all the Gears Glued On action, but that’s just my general curmudgeonly “Steampunk Was More Interesting When Only Dedicated Sorts Did It”*.

    And it is a damn shame it’s not – presumably – a Real Gatling rather than a Gatling-Looking Plain Rifle, but hey…

    (* That said, it does capture a lot of the proper old-school aesthetic. The real riveting**, the gauges, and all that, that’s Proper Old-Style Steampunk.

    Too much copper and not enough brass, of course, but that’s life.

    ** Which would be better if they weren’t aluminum pop-rivets, but copper or brass hand-peened***, of course…

    *** Lest anyone think I’m suggesting something unreasonable, I’ve done more than my share of cupro-alloy hand riveting, and it’s neither difficult not particularly expensive.)

  4. LCB Says:

    I remember somebody coming out with a mini-Gatlin gun chambered in .22L during the 70’s. I was but a lad then, but have always, always “lusted” after it. If I remember correctly, it was all machined out of solid brass. Well, most of it. I’m sure the barrels and action were steel.

  5. LCB Says:

    Nope, I was wrong. It shot .22Shorts. The one I remember is the 1/3 scale one on the bottom left of this web page: