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Platform bed with a secret compartment

Do it yourself.

2 Responses to “Platform bed with a secret compartment”

  1. David Says:

    I would say that this is a good idea but people already hide things under their mattresses.
    I would equate this to building a wooden box inside your gun safe to hide 1 or 2 guns.

  2. Josh Says:

    I’m finishing our basement in our new house, adding some big windows (to consider it “liveable space”), a bedroom, work shop, laundry room, closets, etc.

    I was left with a small void where a few walls came together near the chimney about 6′ tall, 16″ deep, and 20″ wide So, I scabbed in all the 2×4’s I could, drywalled the inside, and once I get the rest of the basement “finished”… I might just drywall over it and leave it as a “Break in case of Emergency”.