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If we learned anything from Starbucks, it’s that they’re just a business

Some woman is crapping her pants and calling on the local grocer to ban carry in the store:

Lisa Fullington and at least one of her neighbors in Greensboro say they are boycotting Harris Teeter until the grocery store chain decides to ban concealed carry weapons in its stores.

Fullington says two weeks ago she walked into the Harris Teeter store on West Friendly Avenue and saw a man walking around with a gun strapped to his hip. She felt threatened and asked to talk to a manager.

Well, I wouldn’t call that “concealed carry”, Mr. Reporter Person.

6 Responses to “If we learned anything from Starbucks, it’s that they’re just a business”

  1. Adam Lawson Says:

    That she talked to a manager, and didn’t hysterically call the cops, tells me she’s aware that carry is legal.

    So she is basically trying to deny rights to others because they make her uncomfortable.

    Well, her face makes me uncomfortable…

  2. mikee Says:

    Harris Teeter will simply have to stop stocking quite so many adult Depends to handle the effects of this PSH boycott by two (2) people.

    And just recognize that the following quote from Ms. Fullington was probably printed exactly as she stated it:

    “I just can’t imagine that they want people in their stores, it’s dangerous!”

  3. Jay G. Says:

    Good thing that was in NC. Had it been VA, it could have been me… 😉

  4. JimB Says:

    Yeah…yeah…yeah… It was in his right to open carry. If he scares enough people you may wind up with a law like Florida’s. No more OC only concealed carry and if you inadvertently flash your piece you’re in trouble. I don’t think in this age we’re ever going get people that have been trained since birth to hate and fear firearms to accept them.

  5. wildbill Says:

    One of my co-workers did this with Kroger earlier this year. Said he saw “some arrogant redneck @$$hole” walking around with a gun right there on his side where all the world could see. He never spoke to the guy so I asked him how he knew he was an arrogant redneck @$$hole. “Because only someone like that would walk around wih a gun!” He raised hell with the manager (who did nothing), and wrote several letters to Kroger headquarters threatening to never shop there again unless they banned all firearms from all their stores. He got a very appologellic letter and was assured that the matter was being looked into. I looked last week and the store is still “unbanned”. He shops at Food Lion now. Dikhead.

  6. wildbill Says:

    The store I’m talking about above is in Tullahoma.

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