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They see me trollin’


5 Responses to “They see me trollin’”

  1. Yj Says:

    Twitter is a symtom of how our society is slowly degenerating into nothing more than “hash tags” & more utter bullshit.

    The program it self is brilliant but the pointless way we use it is truly human.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Good Move!

  3. Al Says:

    She only wishes she was white and nerdy.

  4. pdb Says:

    Enjoy that audit, Senator.

  5. ThisChildLeftBehind Says:

    It is such utter BS that I followed the link and didn’t even get it (other than the “Websites for Dummies” part – nice move).

    Between hash tags and those ROFLOLLMAONAWALT-type acronyms, I am beginning to lose interest in a lot of internet discussion.

    I write software for a living and read a lot of blogs, but I am not to/too tweet on Twitter.