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Have you ever noticed

It’s always reportedly an AR-15 rifle. Color me skeptical but it may well have been.

Update: Hmm (via Kevin), could be. Though I wonder how one sneaks a long gun in an airport.

12 Responses to “Have you ever noticed”

  1. KevinC Says:

    Judging by this pic, it was either an AR or a Mini-14.

  2. KevinC Says:

    Given the reports of AR-15’s being used when they weren’t, your skepticism (and initially mine as well) is more than justified.

  3. USCitizen Says:

    Looked like a Ruger Mini-14 to me.

  4. JTC Says:

    “I wonder how one sneaks a long gun in an airport.”

    Apparently he was TSA, among whose ranks he ain’t the only criminal.

  5. JTC Says:

    …and now he wasn’t TSA, and the MSNBC blurb that said he was is gone. Never believe MSM “news” details in a breaking story.

  6. Robert Says:

    “Though I wonder how one sneaks a long gun in an airport.” Uh, you put it in a bag and carry it through the front door, just like all your other luggage. A largeish gym bag would work fine.

  7. Robert Says:

    And pic looks like it may have had a folding stock.

  8. Stretch Says:

    Agree with other posters.
    Barrel and receiver make me believe it’s a Mini-14.

  9. Montieth Says:

    Not much need to sneak given the TSA checkpoints at LAX aren’t very far from the curb.

  10. Samuel Suggs Says:

    I thought he chared past the secuity checkpoint by threatening people with it so I dont think hiding was involved beyond getting out of his vehicle

  11. mikee Says:

    I recall when a security guard at a local hospital started shooting at people in the ER waiting room. Seems he spotted his wife there, with her ill boyfriend, and lost it.

    This seemed so targeted at fellow TSA agents that I wonder if something similar happened.

  12. wizardpc Says:

    Smith and Wesson M&P15 according to the criminal complaint, though if you read the whole thing you have to worry about the accuracy of a document that refers to “magazine clips.”