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Airline self-defense

What would you do and how to prepare for some sort of terror attack on a plane.

I’ve mentioned before that when I traveled a lot for a living I carried some items that made an easily improvised weapon. Sure, itís not whiz-bang tacticool but one smack upside the noggin and itís coloring books for Christmas.

And when I travel now, I also take my S&W TacPen.

8 Responses to “Airline self-defense”

  1. Linoge Says:

    My CountyComm tactical pen has been through American, French, Irish, and Slovenian airline checkpoints and the only comments it has received are “What is that?” and “That’s a badass pen.”

    Uncapped, it also makes a mean puncturing tool.

  2. CMonster Says:

    Nothing says, “Sharp and pointy things” like a fresh #2 pencil if you really, really need to poke a hole in someone.

  3. mikee Says:

    Dixon Ticonderoga and Mirado Black Warriors have delighted my school age kids since they started learning their alphabets and have a lot of service life left in them, despite the tacticool high priced operator pens.

    I carry to this day a #2 tattoo behind my right ear, given me by my rotten mean older brother almost 50 years ago.

  4. Someone You Know Says:

    Dear Uncle,

    Rolled Magazine or Newspaper to the sternum, neck, or groin

    Pillow case with a couple of full sodas in it (Bad Boys, the movie)

    Carry-on or brief case strap wrapped around the neck

    Yeah, lots of weapons on an airplane


  5. JKB Says:

    Couple of rubber bands, the give you the magazine. The bands make it easier to manipulate without losing the roll.

    But the real prep is learning the exact locations on the body to do the most damage or cause the most pain with whatever you have in hand.

  6. Isaac Says:

    I travel freq for work. When I travel I take a surefire light with defensive bezel like the E2D. The light is nearly blinding, helps if the power goes out and the size extends past my fist for defensive strikes. I also carry a solid defensive pen. And as a key chain I have a rock climbing “hex” or “nut”, which is basically a 60g metal block attached to 8″ semi ridged wire. I travel all over and the TSA never gives me issues.

  7. mikee Says:

    tube sock, roll of quarters. Heavy book. Steel toed work shoes. Paracord. Rolled magazines. Flashlights. I think the real weapon is the willingness and readiness to jump out of a seat and onto someone’s back, along with all the other passengers.

  8. Mike V Says:

    Wilderness Instructor belt with the metal buckle (something with some reach), a Surefire like Isaac, and a Tuffwriter pen. Am thinking about a walking stick.

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